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He was an assassin with a 100% success rate. His specialty was framing other criminals.

Ressler noted that John X was a mythical as the Tooth Fairy. Navabi noted that Mossad called him John Shadow, the criminal’s boogeyman. Suspects have claimed that their victims were killed by a shadow with yellow eyes. They claimed they were framed, but law enforcement always dismissed the claims as attempts for insanity pleas. No one had been able to prove that he actually existed.

Keen noted that she studied those cases while she was at Quantico. There were over a dozen mentions of John X between 2004 and 2011. 

The Gambler Part 3[]

The Gambler hired John to free Leon Kiklinski from the FBI. Once he freed him, John made a deal with Kiklinski. John would let him live if he could run to a tower in time. Kiklinski accepted and ran. A second before he could touch the tower, John put a bullet through his head.

The Gambler Part 4[]

It is noted that John framed a local drifter, Isaiah Babcock, for Kiklinski’s death.

The taskforce then sets up a trap for John. They dress Ressler as Reddington and have him walk around an airport. John takes the bait and tries to shoot Ressler, however Reddington warns Ressler just in time causing John to miss. John then escapes.

The Gambler Part 5[]

Reddington tracks down John on the roof of a building. Red talks through John to Sebastian, knowing that he was listening. Sebastian then orders John to give Red one last bet. John throws down a gun and talls Red that he has 15 seconds to pick up the gun and kill him with it. Red refuses, but John counts down.

John raised his sniper rifle to shoot Reddington, but he is shot in the hand by Keen. John then pulled a knife to kill Keen, but was shot in the leg by Reddington which caused him to fall off the building resulting in his death.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. What is his blacklist number? In Part 5 John X is referred to as a blacklister.
    1. A: This interview with writer Nicole Phillips explains the number issue with Sebastian, John, and Leon.
    2. A:
  2. Where is it stated that his blacklist number is 192?
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