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Jordan Loving is a member of The Blacklist.


Jordan Loving was a retired military engineer who started his own business as a serial blackmailer. Using the false identity Elijah Bailey, Jordan worked at a phone company as an engineer and exploited his job to place several wiretaps in phones and phone lines. Using those tapes, Jordan would uncover dark secrets, which he would then use to extort money from those individuals under the alias of Minister D, based on the character from Edgar Allan Poe's short story “The Purloined Letter”. On December 7, 1990, he tapped a conversation between Katarina Rostova and Alan Fitch in which they discussed framing Raymond Reddington for treason. Loving's attempt to blackmail Katarina Rostova with this call ended badly as 4 days later, Katarina Rostova tried to kill him in a fire in his house that left his face severely burned and did kill his male lover. That did not take Jordan out of business, however. In 2004 he extorted 4,000,000 dollars from a pair of company CEOs after uncovering an insider trading scheme. In 2013 he uncovered a kickback scheme between a U.S Senator's husband and a real estate development and used that to blackmail the senator.

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