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Judith Pruitt was the wife of wealthy Wall Street businessman Gavin Pruitt, who worked for Raymond Reddington. When Gavin was arrested and indicted for numerous white-collar crimes, Judith stayed beside him, believing firmly in her husband's innocence, but Gavin was convicted and ended up faking his death in prison and disappearing with Reddington's help without informing Judith. Subsequently, Judith maintained a high status as a wealthy socialite, appearing at several public events, but in secret she entered the black market and using the name Isabella Stone, became a character assassin. She would destroy her target's reputation and business by any means necessary, orchestrating calculated attacks such as public scandals and assassinations. Reddington credited Pruitt with the framing of a world-renowned cardiologist for butchering his patients for high fees for the mercy killings of 12 of his patients due to lethal prescriptions. The prescriptions were in fact given to them by Pruitt using the doctor's name after hacking his passwords. She also caused a fire at a Bangladesh factory that killed 68 people, including 27 children. This incident exposed horrific working conditions that were blamed on the factory's main contractor, a powerful fashion company owned by a famous designer, shaking the entire industry in the process.

Season 4[]

Natalie Luca[]

Pruitt is first mentioned as the one who hired Natalie Luca to assassinate Zach Smoll, Reddington's accountant and money launderer.

Isabella Stone[]

She later arranged for Reddington's courier, Edward Plumber, to be killed in a staged car accident and stole 22,000,000 dollars worth of bearer bonds he had on him. She is later seen holding a gun on Corina Sarantos as her employee strangles her in her hotel room.

She then puts on Corina's dress and a wig, disguising herself as Corina, and loudly argues with Stratos about Reddington, Corina's husband and the man who handles Reddington's Mediterranean shipping operations. Pruitt lures him back to their hotel room where he passes out after being drugged by her team. She stages the scene to make it look like Stratos killed her. After Pruitt gives the police a statement under the name of Hallie Johnson she leaves to get her next target.

Pruitt attends a fundraiser for the Sperry Medical Foundation after her team plant the bearer bonds they stole from Plumber on one of the doctors working for its proprietor, Dr. Justin Sperry. When the police arrest the doctor and news of the arrest circulates, Sperry's guests leave in disgust while Pruitt goes home with Sperry, acting like she is on his side.

Once there, she reveals she planted those bonds to reveal his association with Raymond Reddington, who donated generously to his foundation. She wants him to falsely confess to using his foundation as a front to smuggle drugs for Reddington, or else she will kill him.

Sperry is beginning his confession when the FBI raid their location, so Pruitt throws Sperry in his pool to drown him, but Keen rescues him. Pruitt is interrogated by Samar Navabi but refuses to give her own name of that of her financial backer and source of information. While being transported by the FBI, Pruitt's convoy is attacked and she is abducted by a strike team led by Baz. She is last seen with her arms chained in a freezer as Reddington interrogates her.

The Architect[]

Pruitt refuses to give Reddington the name he is looking for, stating that he killed her husband. Reddington reveals what really happened to Gavin. Pruitt says that she got an anonymous package with documents detailing Reddington's criminal activities as well as a credit stick as payment. When she asks about her husband, Reddington reveals he remarried and would be sickened with what she has become. He leaves her to be taken back into FBI custody.

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