Julian Powell was a scientist who appeared in "The Longevity Initiative".


Powell worked at the biotech company Sadovo Solutions, owned by tech billionaire Roger Hobbs, and had a lover named Leanne McGrath. When they were in a car accident together in which Julian was behind the wheel, Leanne suffered massive damage to the frontal lobe and was confined to an assisted living facility. Desperate to bring her back to normal, Powell started trying to treat her. In order to get access to better funding, he approached Hobbs about joining the Longevity Initiative, a research project he started meant to find methods of extending the human lifespan. Convincing Hobbs that his research of the human brain could be the key to immortality, Powell went off the grid in 2004, left his job at Sadovo Solutions and joined the Initiative. By 2015, the experiments had started involving humans who had suffered brain damage similar to Leanne.

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