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Kathryn Nemec was a cleaner and Raymond Reddington's close advisor.


Kathryn Nemec had worked for Raymond Reddington for over 20 years, having officially been missing as of 1991. Known only by her alias “Mr. Kaplan”, her first name was revealed to be Kate in “Monarch Douglas Bank”. She is often seen helping Red dispose of bodies and clean up crime scenes. Kate is very proficient with firearms and seen carrying a Smith and Wesson 686 Plus.

In “Requiem” more is revealed about Kate's history. Kate's mother died in 1962 and she attended the funeral with her father, where they said goodbye and had a conversation about death.

Katarina and Masha[]

Kate went on to further her education by learning French, Italian, Russian, and German for her diplomatic jobs. She attended NorthWestern Medical School but dropped out to pursue a Master's in Child Development and helped raise 7 different children, some siblings. Kate eventually got a job as a nanny for Katarina Rostova to look after her daughter, Masha. Katarina makes it clear that she will care for her only when Katarina is not around and will only discreetly observe them when she is around, taking care to note what Katarina does, so she can do it in her absence. Katarina makes one final condition afterwards: Kate cannot love Masha.

Three months after she is hired, she witnesses Katarina and an unknown man struggle to kill each other in the kitchen. During the struggle, Kate slides a knife to Katarina, and she slits the man's throat. Katarina says Alexander can't know and Kate advises her to go upstairs and clean herself while Kate cleans up the kitchen. The next morning, Kate and Katarina talk about the man she killed. Kate reveals she knows about Katarina being Soviet Intelligence based on documents she found on the man. When asked, Kate explains the way she disposed the body and Katarina is so impressed that she charges Kate with similar situations should they arise.

Around 1990, Kate catches Katarina sleeping with a married American man (as per her assignment) and she advises her to end things for Masha's sake. Katarina tries to end things with the American, Raymond Reddington, but he doesn't take it well and kidnaps Masha and brings her back to America. Kate accompanies Katarina to America to get Masha back. Kate is seen in a motel room watching a news report about a fire. Katarina suddenly walks in with Masha and explains they fought and started a fire where Masha apparently shot the man. Katarina tells Kate to stay with Masha in the room and not to leave until she hears from her.

Kate eventually tells Masha that she loves her, right before Katarina eventually calls and tells her both the KGB and U.S. Intelligence uncovered her affair with Reddington and are hunting her. Kate suggests going to her sister in Chicago but Katarina says not to since she is the documented family nanny and instructs Kate to leave Masha with Sam Scott. Despite some reluctance, Sam agrees to look after her until her mother comes back and Kate heads back to the motel room. Katarina calls again to tell Kate she is leaving, and Kate promises Katarina she will walk away. Katarina then tells Kate she loves her before hanging up.

Annie and Nikos[]

Kate looks for a job at a local bar and learns that Katarina died and is comforted by Annie Kaplan, and tells her Katarina was her best friend. Annie tells Kate she is heading to Amarillo, Texas to learn about being a bailbondsman from her Uncle Little Nikos and Kate follows her, becoming a mortician. Annie and Kate eventually start dating and she convinces Kate to leave that job to become a nanny again.

One day while having a romantic dinner with Annie, an ex-con barges into the office and holds them at gunpoint. The ex-con says he wants revenge for Nikos sending Mato after him, who broke his brother's jaw looking for him. After calling Kate “Mr. Kaplan”, the ex-con shoots Annie in the chest and Kate in the head. Kate struggles to get Annie outside before they both pass out.

Kate wakes up in the hospital 3 weeks later after having a steel plate implanted. Little Nikos visits her and tells her Annie was killed and Kate breaks down crying. Nikos tells Kate that because of how Annie felt about her, Kate is Niko's family, and he promises to help her get through this. Little Nikos gives her a job as his assistant and fellow bounty hunter.


In 1991, Sam walks into the office, telling her Reddington wants to see her. Kate angrily refuses to meet the man since he triggered a chain reaction of events that forced her to abandon Masha and Katarina. Sam tells her that Masha, now known as Elizabeth, is in danger and she agrees to meet with him. Reddington tells her he is building his criminal empire with one goal in mind: keeping Elizabeth safe. After that, he offers her a job working for him to watch over and protect Elizabeth. Kate warns Reddington that if given the choice, she will choose Elizabeth's interests over his and Reddington agrees and even insists that be the case.

Kate was among the very few who knew that Raymond Reddington is not the real Raymond Reddington, but an imposter who took over his identity over 20 years ago. Over the years, Kathryn learned most of Red's secrets with the exception of the existence of Dominic Wilkinson, Katarina Rostova's father.

In a flashback in 2013, right before the beginning of the “Pilot”, Kate tries to convince Reddington not to turn himself into the FBI to preserve Elizabeth's innocence, but he refuses. Kate waits in the car with Dembe Zuma and Newton Phillips while Reddington turns himself in and the sirens are heard.

In 2017, she dealt critical damage to Red's criminal empire by exposing his history. She gave the FBI the corpses of his unknown victims, stole his bank accounts, and revealed the truth behind several of his black market alliances. She then targeted the task force for ruin and agreed to testify. However, a desperate alliance with Laurel Hitchin classified the task force's employment of Red and Nemec committed suicide to activate a fail-deadly option.

Despite failing to destroy Red, as he began to rebuild his syndicate and disprove the gossip and rumors that he had been nearly ruined, Keen learned the truth of the skeleton as Kate wanted, that they belong to her father the real Raymond Reddington, who had been dead for the last 30 years. Overall, Kate's vendetta against Red failed, as by 2020 he had restored his criminal empire to its former glory.

Years after her death, Red discovers that Nemec might actually be still alive or that someone has at least been posing as her. With Nemec's body having never been recovered, Red begins looking into the possibility that she had survived, went into hiding and resurfaced years later to possibly orchestrate Keen's murder.

Season 1[]

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

Red gave Elizabeth Keen contact details for Kate while they were in the ambulance.

After Liz had killed one of the men spying on her and Tom Keen, she called Kate rather than the FBI. Liz was surprised when a woman arrived, but Kate quickly took charge and arranged for the cleaning of the site and the disposal of the body.

Kate then organized the raid on a possible location for Red, which is led by Baz while Dembe Zuma guards Kate and Liz.

The Cyprus Agency[]

She is called by Red to clean up the crime scene after he killed Diane Fowler. He apologized for the mess, but she said that she had been cleaning up after him for a long time.


Kate meets up with Red and Dembe to show them her discovery of the deceased bodies of Lucy Brooks and the Cowboy, further proving his suspicions of Tom Keen. Red states that Kate is a “bloodhound” when it comes to locating corpses. Red tells her to cover it up the same way it was buried and he will decide the next course of action.

Season 2[]

Monarch Douglas Bank[]

In this episode we learn Kate's first name when she arrives to clean up 3 of Red's murders. She is disturbed with him and says so which causes him to lash out at her, calling her “Kate”, telling her to do her job. He apologizes moments later knowing that she is only concerned with his recent spree of deaths she has had to clean up after.

Dr. James Covington[]

Liz asks for Kate's help in examining corpses to avoid the difficulty of obtaining legal warrants. She determines all 4 are missing their lungs and hearts while 3 are also missing livers because the fourth's was too sick to be sold on the black market.

Kate states that she was sleeping with a coroner's sister from Des Moines in the past after Red remembers sharing reuben soup with the Kate and the coroner.

The Decembrist[]

Red tells Liz that Kate is helping to clean up the body of Eugene Ames.

Vanessa Cruz[]

Reddington sends Kate to negotiate an employment contract with Vanessa Cruz on his behalf. This demonstrates that Kate can act as a more mundane liaison for Red, in addition to her other specialties.

Leonard Caul[]

After Reddington is shot, Dembe instructs Elizabeth to call Kate, who answers and instructs Elizabeth and Dembe to drive to an abandoned warehouse while she texts several doctors, nurses, and EMTs, all of whom drop what they are doing at their day jobs, and set up an operating room at the warehouse. During Raymond's surgery, she kills 2 assassins disguised as FBI agents, stating that agents normally carry Glocks or Sigs, showing she has an excellent proficiency with firearms. She has him moved to another location and agrees to pay Nik Korpal 500,000 dollars to remove a bullet that could explode inside his body. Later on, she is seen guarding a recovering Raymond stating that she will not leave him and do anything to keep him alive, only after great protest does she finally leave.

Tom Connolly[]

Kate shows Reddington a room he plans to use as their first strike against the Cabal after they frame Liz for a mass bombing of CIA agents and poisoning Senator Hawkins.

Season 3[]

Arioch Cain[]

Red called Kate cleanup a massacre of Cabal operatives at an airstrip perpetuated by Reddington and Dembe, including Vargas. While there, she makes it to look like Liz was killed to lure out the person who put a bounty on her head. After she was done with the fake photo, she cleaned up and disposed the bodies.

The Director: Conclusion[]

Kate is seen at a meeting with Reddington's associates and the FBI task force members running the security measures and listening as Reddington explains his plan to take down the Cabal to exonerate Liz. She accompanies Red to the 8th floor of a building Red is renovating to look exactly like the 6th floor that Peter Kotsiopulos goes to with his wife for marital therapy. When Kate notices a figurine on the 6th that cannot be duplicated, Reddington advises her to get a bowl of apples to replace it. When Peter arrives, Kate lures him to Red where they kidnap him and escape in an OCME van.

Mr. Gregory Devry[]

Kate is seen running with 3 cleaners that work for her to clean up a quadruple murder when two men come in and kill her team leaving Kate. They let her live to deliver a message to her boss: “they know”. After she tells Red she leaves and warns Liz that he is in a bad mood. After Red kills the man responsible, Marcus Caligiuri, Kate thanks him and reassures him he won't lose Liz.

The Vehm[]

Reddington tells Dembe to call Kate after he kills the man who attacked Liz and put her in the hospital.

Mr. Solomon: Conclusion[]

After Liz is hurt after an assault team led by Matias Solomon tries to abduct her, Kate picks Liz and Tom up from the hospital they were hiding in. Kate then drives her to a nightclub Reddington modified into an improvised ER run by Nik to treat Liz after she was injured in a car accident endangering her and her baby.

When Red starts criticizing Dembe for not being able to protect her, Kate defends Dembe saying Reddington is too blame for this, making everyone believe he could protect her. Kate watches as Liz gives birth to a baby girl named Agnes and steps in when Liz refuses to let Red see either of them and talks to Liz and Tom.

When Liz starts bleeding, Kate supervises the transport of specialized equipment to help Liz and later cautions Red that Solomon is still out there and still looking for them. Kate gets Red to leave Liz's body after she died on the way to the hospital to avoid the police. Kate is last seen escorting her body to be handled for a funeral by their people.

The Artax Network[]

Kate is seen attending Elizabeth Keen's memorial and funeral.

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion[]

Kate is looking after Agnes with Red while Tom is away and Red thanks her with everything she has done for her. While out shopping with Tom and Agnes, Tom gives them the slip taking Agnes with her.

Reddington discovered that Kate helped provide documents to Tom and Agnes so they could flee to Cuba. When Red confronts her, Kate admits it and says she did it to protect Agnes from Reddington but he reveals that he knows they are in Cuba because Alexander Kirk knows it too and is on his way to take them. Kate then reveals in horror that Liz is alive and hiding with them too, having faked her death at Kate's direction.

When Liz refused to let Red in to see Agnes, Kate used the opportunity to propose Liz fake her death so she could escape Reddington's world. Before that she approached Nik and he explained what he needed to put her into a medically induced coma by faking her vitals dropping. Nik then injected her with a beta blocker to disguise her slowed heart rate as a flatline. Once Kaplan escorted her body out, Nik injected her with a drug to counter the beta-blocker and Liz was brought out of the coma, alive.

Red, Dembe, and Kate arrive at the house, only to find all 3 missing with signs of a struggle. Red turns to Kate, holding a gun to face, and asks what they are going to do with her.

Season 4[]


Examining the scene, Kate determines that a blood pool on the floor belongs to one of Kirk's men and suggests going after him to find Kirk. Kate tries to appeal to Dembe for what she did, but he rebuffs her saying he is not on her side on this. They eventually track him down to a nightclub with a secret ER in the back, but arrive to find he already died of his wounds. Kate watches as Red saws off the man's head off while criticizing Kate for her sloppy plan and his distrust of her.

Kate is later seen waiting outside while Red interrogates the local police on the identity of the head's boss, also a cop. After Red gets a name, Jhosep Balzan, Kate asks if he wants her to arrange a strike team, Red ignores her and tells Dembe to assemble the team.

Kate sits down with Red while he waits for Manuel Esteban to get Liz's location. She tells him she agonized over watching Red mourn Liz's “death”, but only betrayed him because he betrayed Liz and begs him to let Liz go. Red simply tells her to wait in the car. They find Liz and Agnes's location and storm the safehouse while Kate stays by the car and sees one of Agnes' kidnapper and follows her to Agnes' location. Kate then takes Agnes back while the female kidnapper flees. While driving, Kate sees an approaching car and shields Agnes with her body. She watches helplessly as Mato, whom she recognizes, takes Agnes.


Tom comes on the crash site and helps Kate out of the car and she tell them she recognized Mato her time with Little Nikos. Red flew with Kate, Tom and Dembe and apologizes to Tom for what she did, but Tom says he would do again.

Kate attempts to reason that she should talk to Nikos, but Red refuses, stating he will get the information through torture if he needs to. Kate pleads that Nikos helped her after Annie died and should be treated with kindness and respect, Red simply insists he talks to him first. When they enter the office they discover Niko is having surgery on his stomach and they barge into his room where Red insists that the doctors wake him up.

The doctors warn him Nikos is in excruciating pain and advises getting the information quickly. Kate rushes to Niko's side and tells him to give Red Mato's location, but he refuses saying Red will kill him if he does. In response, Red introduces him to Tom and drags Kate out so Tom can torture the information out of him. While sitting she agains pleads that she sold out Nikos for the same reason she betrayed Red, to keep Liz and Agnes safe and asks him to understand what she did. After Tom got the information on Mato's alias, Kate rushes to Niko's side where she apologizes to him only for him to turn away from her.

Kate waits in the car with Tom, who apologizes to her about torturing her friend for his daughter's location. Kate reveals that Red plans to kill her and doesn't plan to make easy for him, the same way she is not going to make Tom feel easier for torturing her friend and leaves the car. She spots Mato, who sees her too and flees, but Kate runs him down with the car, capturing Mato.

After Red gets Mato to disclose Kirk's location and gives the information to Cooper, Red exits and Kate cleans up Mato's body. After Liz is rescued, Kate is driven with Dembe and Red to a far away place and walks with Red while Dembe waits by the car. Kate and Red argue one last time before Red reveals that the one perfect acre they are at is for Kate to spend the rest of her days and shots her once in the head. Red leaves, having believed he killed her but Kate is seen moving her hand while Red walks away.

Miles McGrath[]

Kate struggles to survive after being shot and drags herself to a stream for a drink of water when a dog leads a hunter to her location. Kate is last seen being dragged on a stretcher to an unknown location by the hunter.


Kate wakes up lying in a bed in a cabin just as the hunter and his dog return home. The hunter greets her and puts her glasses on her and he asks her what she is doing out here. She doesn't answer him, which he says is okay, he is going to take care of her and fed her until she has the strength to talk again. The hunter later helps her up and feeds her as he tries to get Kate to talk to him. She tells him the hunter who shot her is not coming back and thanks him for nursing her back to health. After Kate gets some rest and tries to get up from bed, she finds her leg chained to a radiator.

The Thrushes[]

Kate is seen sitting on top of the bed trying to get free when the hunter comes back. He explains that he is worried that her disappearance is bound to raise questions that may lead back to him and if he lets her go he is worried she will talk to the cops about him. Kate tells him that she tried to kill herself and she can't remember where the gun is. When the hunter returns after exploring the woods, he reveals he set up cameras showing her with two others, proving Kate was lying. Despite this he continues to feed Kate.

Dr. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion[]

While Kate is sleeping when she has a nightmare about Red shooting her. The hunter asks her who Reddington is and tells her she isn't leaving him many options, because if the rangers know he is squatting on public land they will kick him out. Once he leaves, Kate sharpens her glasses into a makeshift weapon in preparation to kill him. While the hunter examines her restraint, Kate ambushes him and asks what he is doing, he replies that since he can't kill her or keep her, he is letting her go. The hunter returns home to find Kate cooking dinner and she tells him the man who shot her was her employer who lost his way and endangered the lives of a woman and child as well as himself. She tried to get them away from him only to be placed in greater danger as a result and was shot because of it. She explains that if he knew, she would be dead and didn't tell him, not to protect him but to protect the hunter. Kate leaves the hunter's home and hitches a ride back to civilization.

The Harem[]

Kate accessed one of Reddington's accounts at his bank and stole enough money to hire Judith Pruitt to go after people in Reddington's syndicate, and provided financial documents so she knew who to target. Stone hired Natalie Luca to kill Reddington's accountant Zach Smoll.

Natalie Luca[]

After Smoll's death, Kate stole 200,000,000 dollars he was laundering for Reddington to finance her campaign against him.

Isabella Stone[]

Stone then organized the murders of Edward Plumber, one of Reddington's couriers and Corina Saranto, the wife of Reddington's head of Mediterranean shipping operations Stratos. Stone then framed Stratos of Corina's murder and planted bearer bonds she stole from Plumber on a doctor connected to Justin Sperry, framing him for smuggling contraband for Reddington. Stone tried to get Sperry to confess in greater detail to crimes he didn't commit for Reddington before the FBI showed up and saved Sperry.

The Apothecary[]

When Reddington traced the account used to pay Stone back to himself, Kate hired Asa Hightower to develop a poison specifically designed to attack Reddington's body. She slipped the poison into his scotch that Dembe poured for him, framing Dembe in the process. The FBI managed to track Hightower and delivered the antidote to Reddington in time.

Dembe Zuma[]

When Dembe found that Kate was still alive, the hunter caught him and fought with Dembe, Reddington and Baz before he was captured and interrogated. The hunter blew himself up so he wouldn't give her up just as Kate received a message on her SAT phone that the hunter had left her before, warning her that Reddington knows she is still alive and is coming for her.

Her full name is finally revealed to be “Kathryn Nemec” after both Dembe and Reddington discover she is still alive. It is also revealed that Kate is responsible for several attacks on Reddington and his syndicate. Kate is seen receiving the hunter's message warning her that Reddington knows she is still alive.


Kate is seen driving a truck hauling a trailer home when she stops to take medication for migraines she got ever since the shooting and calls her associate telling her she is cutting the trip short after one more stop. She stops to rest at a motel, which she reserved room #8. When the manager says the couple sleeping there extended their stay, Kate settles for the adjacent room. After the couple argue and fight, Kate lures the man, Jason, into her trailer and kills him. After the girlfriend leaves to look for him, Kate enters their room and digs the corpse of Everett Oldfield from the wall before documenting it extensively and heading back on the road.

She calls her associate and asks if the ice rink is ready and he says it is. After she is done, Reddington calls her on the SAT phone and Kate tells him that she feels she lost sight of her original purpose of protecting Elizabeth. She stopped serving her to enable his interests, and in the process helped Reddington become the monster he is today. She is going to do what she should have done years ago: render him powerless. Reddington says she can't touch him, but Kate reveals she unearthed 86 bodies she cleaned and disposed of for him over the years in America and left them on full display for the authorities to find.


Kate then hires Philomena, who she initially contacted when she left the hunter's cabin, to abduct several of Reddington's high-level associates and bring them to her so she can try to get them to desert Reddington. She starts with Joe Peracchio, who refuses, so she drops him off in front of the 19th precinct with a detailed financial statement tying him to Reddington.

Kate is seen in Elizabeth's apartment, cuddling Agnes, when Elizabeth comes home. Kate then explains that she helped raise her as Katarina's nanny when she was just a baby. Kate asks Elizabeth and the Task Force to disavow Reddington so Agnes can have a future without worrying about Reddington's enemies coming to kill her. Kaplan then leaves while still begging her to do it, something Katarina couldn't do until it was too late.

After Philomena brings her Marvin Gerard, Gerard asks why Kate didn't run after surviving a gunshot to the head. Kate answers that she came to clean Reddington's house to take responsibility for her actions and that they both enabled Reddington's actions. Gerard defends Reddington but Kate counters that he was forcibly released a week before his parole so he could help Reddington at the expense of his personal life. Kate tries to get him to turn state's evidence against Reddington but Gerard refuses so Kate apologizes to him before binding him to a lamp post and tipping the police off to his location. Kate then makes plans to travel to Vienna.

Dr. Bogdan Krilov[]

After she arrives, Kate finds Dr. Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov and hires him to kidnap Donald Ressler and manipulate his memories so he will attack Laurel Hitchin. When the FBI seizes Dr. Krilov's equipment, he calls her saying he can't do the job. Kate says he can't stop and gives him the name of Dr. Selma Orchard, the doctor who helped Elizabeth Keen remember where the Fulcrum was after Dr. Krilov erased it, to get new equipment.

Kate then takes a train from Vienna and leaves while leaving a phone with her roommate that she can give to Reddington when he catches up to her. When he calls, Kate tells him she is heading Lucerne and hangs up on him. Kate calls him and reveals that she is going to reveal what happened to Hans Von Hauser to his father Werner, one of Reddington's most powerful allies.

Kate proceeds to tell Werner that Reddington, in order to forge an alliance with Werner, had Hans kidnapped by the Taddicken Brothers to ransom him for 10,000,000 dollars until Reddington would arrive and negotiate his release. The Taddicken Brothers, however, did not follow Reddington's instructions and accidentally suffocated Hans to death while transporting him. When Reddington discovered this, filled with grief and anger, he brutally killed them in revenge, getting his alliance with Werner while Kate disposed of Hans' body. Kate then tells Werner that Hans' body is now in FBI custody so he can have a proper burial and leaves. This results in Werner's death at Reddington's hands and the dismantling of Reddington's shipping network. A black market civil war being started with Reddington's people and Werner's confederates and leaves him stranded.

The Debt Collector[]

Reddington calls Kate and asks for her help protecting Elizabeth after someone has hired the Debt Collector to kidnap her. Kate contacts the Task Force and states she doesn't expect a deal in exchange for her help and justifies her actions to protect Elizabeth and stop Reddington. The Task Force arranges for the body of one of the Debt Collector's victims to be transported to her while she takes precautions to throw the tails the FBI have placed on the body. After she receives and examines the body, she calls the Task Force and tells them the Debt Collector's real name is Edgar Grant based on how the body was preserved. The Task Force moves to arrest him while Kate voices her objection to Elizabeth being in the field, which Cooper agrees with and send her back home to await transport to a safe house.

Kate calls Reddington to tell him she delivered her report to the FBI, only for Reddington to reveal Grant took Elizabeth before they could arrest him. Reddington accuses Kate of conspiring with him, only for Kate to rebuke this, saying Reddington is the reason she is in danger and they agree to combine resources to find her. To this end, Kate goes to the school Grant works at and sneaks into his janitor's office to look for clues and steals his keys. On the way out she forces a male student at gunpoint to delete a post he made about a girl online. Kate calls Red to tell him she is handling this herself and isn't going to him or the FBI for help because they will either arrest or kill her.

It is revealed that Reddington hired Grant himself to lure Kate into an ambush he set for her. As she approaches Grant's cabin she hears Elizabeth scream that it is a trap and realizes what Reddington did and calls him. Reddington and Kate trade barbs at each over the way both have betrayed each other when Elizabeth steps in. She tells Kate that Reddington is willing to coexist with Kate if Kate can do the same. Kate takes a minute to compose herself and simply says she can't before the FBI shows up. Kate muses how she gave them 86 bodies to use against Reddington and thanks Elizabeth for warning her about Red's trap. When a sniper tries to kill Reddington, all hell breaks loose and Kate manages to escape with her people.

Mr. Kaplan[]

Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion[]

As she prepares to testify before a grand jury, Kate retrieves a set of remains that she places in a storage locker at a bus depot. However, her plans to testify are foiled when the Task Force and Reddington force Laurel Hitchin to end the grand jury, also ending Kate's immunity deal. Liz contacts Kate and they meet with Kate offering Liz the chance at the truth. However, they are intercepted by Baz and Reddington's men and Liz chooses to leave with them.

After killing Baz, Kate flees, but is cornered on a bridge by the Task Force and Reddington who managed to track her latest burner phone after getting the number from Julian Gale's phone. Kate challenges Reddington to kill her, refusing to go to prison and revealing that she has a failsafe plan to ruin Reddington by revealing the truth to Liz. Reddington, who has been feeling remorse for his first attempt to kill Kate, refuses to try a second time and admits that he never should've tried the first time either. Refusing to surrender, Kate commits suicide by jumping headfirst off the bridge into the water below as Reddington desperately tries to save her. Kate's body is seen floating facedown in the water as its swept away from the bridge by the current.

Following her death, Dembe and Red find the skeleton gone while its delivered to Tom Keen to ensure Liz learns the truth.

Season 5[]

Greyson Blaise[]

One of Kaplan's associates, Albert Dennison, is found by Tom, tied to a chair and tortured. Tom hides just as Dembe and Reddington enter, revealing they are responsible. Reddington asks where the suitcase is, only for Dennison to laugh before Reddington shoots him twice in the chest. Before he dies, he tells Tom to look for Oleander.

The Kilgannon Corporation[]

Reddington mentioned that during the war with Kaplan, she destroyed his human smuggling networks and the Kilgannons took over his routes.

Sutton Ross[]

After discovering the truth about what is in the duffle bag of bones, Liz lists Kate as one of the people who died trying to reveal the truth to her: the bones belong to the real Raymond Reddington who was truly killed by Liz when she was a kid while protecting her mother and was replaced by the man Liz has known all along as Reddington.

Season 8[]

16 Ounces[]

Elizabeth Keen mentions the 86 corpses given to the FBI.


Nemec appears as a dream/vision to Keen.


Season 9[]

El Conejo[]

Reddington’s safe maker, Heinrich Zimmerstahl, reveals a female ”Mr. Kaplan” duped him into building an identical safe, which allowed her to steal Reddington’s original safe, indirectly leading to Elizabeth Keen’s murder.

Laszlo Jankowics[]

Reddington investigates the possibility that Mr. Kaplan might actually be still alive, her body having been supposedly washed downriver and never recovered. However, he can't find any proof either way. At the end of the episode, a woman is seen that might be Mr. Kaplan.

The Bear Mask[]

After the building where the supposed Mr. Kaplan was waiting blew up, Reddington set out to determine if the body recovered from the explosion was indeed Kathryn Nemec. Reddington proceeds to obtain a sample of the body from the morgue, which he gives to Vladmir Ctevko to identify. Ctevko reveals that the DNA belonged to Kaplan's sister, Maureen Rowan, who was most likely lured to the building to draw Reddington into the open.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. How many other people call Raymond Reddington “Dearie”?
  2. How long have Raymond Reddington and Kathryn Nemec known each other?
    1. A: In “Requiem”, it was revealed 20 years.
  3. What is the skill set needed to be a corpse locating “bloodhound”
    1. A: Forensics.
  4. Is Kathryn Nemec a reference to Kateřina Němcová?
    1. A: No
  5. Why “Mr.” and not “Mrs.”?
    1. A: It is a reference to a Cary Grant movie, “North by Northwest”, in which the character's name is George Kaplan.
    2. A: It could be an alias. Anyone expecting a Mr. Kaplan, as Liz did, would probably overlook a woman in her mid fifties.
    3. A: It is a respect title, like calling a commanding officer sir, regardless of gender.
    4. A: It could be Reddington using his naval background. In the Navy, both men and women officers are called “Sir”. Same way he called her his “better half”.
    5. A: The character was originally meant to be a male, but an executive producer told them to hire Susan Blommaert.
    6. A: It could also be related with the fact that Kate is lesbian, as revealed in a conversation with Red in which she remembers she was sleeping with some coroner's sister. (“Dr. James Covington”)
    7. A: From the shooting scene at Niko's bail bonds shop, the shooter said “I guess that makes you Mr. Kaplan” before shooting both Annie Kaplan and Kate. (“Requiem”)
  6. Is she Liz Keen's mother? Age could be right. Reddington gives the mother's name as “Katarina Rostova”. First name works, last name is an alias. Kate's skills would seem to be a potential fit for a KGB agent.
    1. A: Liz's mother has been revealed to be Katarina Rostova, a former KGB agent.
    2. A: Implausible, in a previous episode Nemec mentions sleeping with another man's wife.
    3. A: Red says Liz's mother died of “shame and weakness”. Is it at possible the “death” she suffered was a transformation into Nemec? I'm not convinced myself, given what we've seen so far, if she was Liz's mother there'd have been some display of emotion. The only emotion she has displayed is toward Red.
    4. A: Not likely, in the photograph Liz found in Red's flat she appeared taller.
    5. A. Not likely as Reddington says Lizzie looks like her mother. There's no resemblance between Lizzie and Kate.
    6. A: In “Requiem”, she was a nanny hired by Katarina Rostova to care for Liz while she is away.
  7. Did Red intend to kill Nemec and miss? Or was the intent to graze her all along? Even the man in the woods could have been set up by Red to make sure she was taken care of afterwards.
    1. A: No, Red's intent was to kill Nemec for her betrayal in faking Liz's death. The man in the woods who rescued her could've been working for Rostov and she later recruited to begin her revenge on Red for shooting her.
    2. A: She has a steel plate on her head after an old shooting. It may have diverted Reds bullet.
  8. Was she behind Season 4's attacks on Red's syndicate empire?
    1. A: Yes, she wanted to bring Reddington's empire down.
  9. Why did she keep all the bodies she had “cleaned up” over the years?
    1. A: They had not been found. It could have been an insurance policy to protect herself.
  10. When did she figure out Reddington's true identity?
  11. Did she get Elizabeth Keen killed?


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