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The Kazanjian brothers are a member of The Blacklist.


Pasha and Nshan Kazanjian were two brothers concieved and born in prison to a female inmate held at the infamous Perm-36 labor camp. After their birth, the brothers were taken from their mother and placed in a state run orphanage, but they were ultimately raised in the streets and grew up to become mercenaries for hire that would provide security escorts for criminals through extreme violence and deadly force, killing anyone who crossed their path. Among their former clients were a missing Indian crime lord and an exiled Thailand politician. There is also records of other jobs the Kazanjian Brothers had done, including an extraction in Bolivia in 2015 that ended up with 6 people dead, a 2017 contract in Serbia that killed 2 people, and an exfil in Mexico City in 2019 that left 11 people dead.

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