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Kenneth Jasper is a billionaire and one of Peter Kotsiopulos‘s closest advisors in the Cabal.


Jasper is the head of a media conglomerate, Century View Media, as well as a member of the Cabal. He is said to have divorced twice and to have a Brazilian mistress.

The Decembrist[]

Alan Fitch advises Reddington that Jasper will side with the Chinese during upcoming events.

Vanessa Cruz[]

Roger Hobbs sets a meeting with Jasper to discuss the upcoming vote the Peter Kotsiopulos called about whether to call Reddington’s bluff about the Fulcrum or not. Jasper makes it clear that he leans more to Peter when Reddington walks in to talk to him. Reddington tries convincing Jasper to have Peter assassinated after Reddington wins the vote and Jasper is crowned the new leader of the Cabal.

Jasper then walks up to Peter as he is talking with Hobbs and reveals he told him about Hobb’s alliance with Reddington. As a result the vote was conducted early with the green light being given to kill Reddington. Jasper then calls Reddington to set up a meeting saying the vote went his way, but Reddington knows that Hobbs is dead and threatens to kill Jasper for his betrayal, specifically saying he would deliver his tongue to the Director himself after he killed him.

Quon Zhang[]

After Reddington survives the Cabal’s attempts to kill him and reveals he indeed does have the Fulcrum, Jasper goes into hiding, canceling his meetings and fleeing in his plane. To flush him out, Red sends Dembe and a Jasper lookalike to destroy Jasper's yacht to make him appear to have died, forcing him to go public to keep his company's share prices from plummeting. Jasper is captured by Reddington and Dembe after he stops in Boston to do interviews and brought back to Reddington’s house, where he is interrogated by Samar Navabi.

Jasper claims Peter never told him about his plans but Reddington deduces that since Jasper turned down his offer, Jasper already has a great deal of power within the Cabal and leaves Navabi alone with him. Navabi manages to trick Jasper thinking she is a member of the Cabal and he reveals Peter plans on destroying a defense installation next week. After interrogating Jasper, Reddington kills Jasper, cuts out his tongue and sends it to Peter as Reddington promised he would.

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