Kevin Jensen” is the second episode of Season 1 of “The Blacklist: Redemption” and the second episode overall.


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When an American journalist and close family friend of Scottie (Famke Janssen) is falsely arrested for espionage in a dangerous foreign country, the Halcyon team mounts a last-ditch effort to rescue him before time runs out.

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  1. This episode was a reference to the political upheavals in Turkey and the Post-Soviet states.
  2. Susan Scott Hargrave
    1. What level of backlash will Hargrave face in the future?
  3. Nez Rowan
    1. Why did Rowan volunteer? She is a mercenary.
  4. Matias Solomon
    1. Why did Solomon volunteer? He is a mercenary.
  5. Dumont DeSoto
    1. Why did Dumont not add a device for maintaining the temperature requirements of the Rochester Cloak?
    2. How did Dumont remotely override the security code?
  6. Kevin Jensen
    1. Did the Central Intelligence Agency have a plan to rescue Kevin Jensen or was he disavowed? They approved the rescue mission after the prison break.
    2. Why did Jensen leave to recover his computer? As a CIA agent, he should have known to wait for the right time. Breaking into the apartment at night would have offered a higher chance of success and escape.
  7. Kyrkistan
    1. Will the political relationship between Kyrkistan and the United States be destroyed?
    2. Did the Kyrkistan secret police know about Jensen’s CIA status or did they believe the journalist story? The forced “confession” appeared to be the standard accusatory political statement.
    3. Why was Ahmed Aberjan arresting people on rumor alone? If there are too many arrests, then the president’s supporters will revolt in the name of self-interest.


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