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Kings of the Highway” is the eighth episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the fifty-second episode overall.


Press Release[]

Red and Liz are unexpectedly separated from each other when Red falls into a dangerous situation. Samar makes a risky decision to help Liz while Tom and Cooper continue on their expedition to exonerate Liz.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 108

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why did Keen not call Dembe for help in tracing Red's phone?
      1. A: Samar could reply without delay.
      2. A: Liz asked Dembe to wait for the package that Red was trying to procure.
    2. Why did Keen not easily win the fight against the “Kings” member?
      1. A: She's too nice; she has to be provoked before she fights.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. What was in the “care package”?
      1. A: Plates for printing the 100 dollar banknotes using the hard drive Red stole from Nathaniel Wolff at the end of “General Ludd”.
    2. Was Shahin Navabi traded for the care package?
      1. A: No, Red wanted a meeting for Shahin Navabi.
    3. While Red’s psychological manipulation worked, it also proved a danger as Red did not know when to stay silent.
      1. A: He escaped captivity twice (he was caught after the first escape), and managed to be free at the end of the episode. Nearly being killed is very different to actually being killed, and Red has been beaten by several groups during the series.
  3. FBI
    1. When was the reward for Keen increased to 1,000,000 dollars?
    2. When was the reward for Red increased to 1,000,000 dollars?
    3. When did the FBI change the wanted poster for Red? After Keen killed Thomas Connolly, Red's wanted poster was using the old photo.
  4. Kings of the Highway
    1. The name Kings of the Highway is most likely derived from knights of the road, a euphemism for highwayman.
    2. Where did the “Kings” learn to determine the truth behind the identities of their victims? They knew Red was lying about his identity before the news broadcast.
      1. A: They figured since Red had 25,000 dollars and military grade weaponry, he was hiding something.
      2. A: Jilly saw the TV appeal for information about Red and Liz issued by the FBI.
    3. How did Red know about the “Kings”? They seemed to be a low-level local operation.
      1. A: They moved around the country, so they were not always in the same town. They were probably behind dozens of kidnappings, robberies, identity thefts, and murders across the country.
      2. A: Intelligence gathering.
      3. A: Red is known as ”The Concierge of Crime”.
    4. How many crimes will the ”Kings” be convicted of?
  5. Cabal
    1. How many allies does the Cabal have?
    2. Reven’s death allows the Cabal to take control of the task force.
    3. Why has the Cabal not used Ressler's Oxycodone addiction to remove him from the task force?
      1. A: Because it would make Reven suspicious and Ressler is hunting Keen.
  6. Donald Ressler
    1. Ressler is losing allies.
      1. Keen and Red have a greater incentive to trust the black market rather than the United States government and/or all/any federal agency.
      2. Reven is dead. That allows the Cabal to send their own agents as replacements.
      3. Samar was fired and has sided with Keen and Red.
      4. Cooper has lost his credibility and is being hunted by the Cabal.
      5. The enemies that Cooper has made in the Department of Justice and espionage/intelligence agencies may see Ressler as a threat.
        1. A: The only ally he has left is Aram. With the Cabal able to take control of the task force after Wright's death, Ressler will be forced into a position where he must side with Red to survive.
    2. What happened to Ressler’s father is similar to Jet Black in “Cowboy Bebop” and the storylines in “Velocity Trap” and “Highlander: The Raven”. The honest officials are destroyed by the corrupt. Another parallel is the fall of the Galactic Republic. Individuals and organizations such as: Armand Isard, Autem family, Scarlet Thranta, Sons and Daughters of Freedom, Wullf Yularen, Zozridor Slayke; gave their loyalty to Palpatine after realizing that the Galactic Senate no longer believed in the Galactic Constitution.
    3. Ressler could easily lose his position since he refuses to compromise. The other characters seen have survived because they know when to compromise.
    4. How did Ressler know his computer had been used?
      1. A: Probably because it was not left in the exact same position.
    5. Why was Ressler trying to obey the rules and be an honest cop? He was a drug addict, he went on an unsanctioned man hunt for Mako Tanida, and he let Liz escape the Post Office.
      1. A: Ressler has been applying a double standard. He is trapped in a lose-lose situation. He wants to uphold his beliefs, but knows that the Cabal has been winning the war.
    6. Why did the Detroit police department protect the officer who killed Ressler’s father? Did he testify, bribe someone, or was a trial too humiliating?
      1. A: Ressler said that most of the precinct was corrupt. The corrupt cops wouldn't investigate their own corrupt cops.
  7. Samar Navabi
    1. How was Ressler supposed to prosecute Navabi? She and/or Mossad can demand her return to Israel.
      1. A: They were talking about prosecuting her for aiding and abetting Liz and Red. She would also be guilty of interfering with an FBI investigation.
    2. Will Samar return to Israel?
      1. A: No, she is helping Red.
  8. Aram Mojtabai
    1. Aram’s reason for telling Ressler about Keen seemed based on emotional jealously.
      1. A: Do not forget to include his loyalty to Ressler and the FBI. Because of Samar's lie about where she used the laptop, he could suspect her of involvement with the Cabal. Aram knows that the storming of the Post Office by Anslo Garrick's team was facilitated by a traitor within the Post office.
  9. Reven Wright
    1. With Reven dead, the task force has lost its primary political supporter.
    2. Why did Reven say Tommy Markin to Laurel?
      1. A: It was a way to inform Ressler about Laurel's involvement in her death. By making Laurel ask about Tommy Markin, Reven was telling Ressler that Laurel was guilty. The same plot device was used in “L.A. Confidential” when Vincennes tells Smith “Rollo Tomasi” immediately after being shot.
    3. How will Reven’s disappearance be explained? Nothing happened after the death of Diane Fowler.
      1. A: Reven's death was covered up by the Cabal. As of “The Director” she is presumed missing but Ressler knows Laurel Hitchin killed her.
      2. A: In ”Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion“, her body is recovered by Ressler and Reddington.
  10. Laurel Hitchin
    1. Did Laurel kill Reven to protect the Cabal or herself? Was it because of a connection to Solomon or Laurel’s overall history in Africa?
      1. A: Most likely her connection to Solomon, as her history in Africa was not a secret.
      2. A: Sanctioning or covering up black ops would destroy her career if it was revealed.
      3. A: Since Laurel is a confirmed member of the Cabal is seems she killed Reven since she had proof that Laurel should have known who Solomon was when he was brought in.
    2. Is Laurel a member of the Cabal?
      1. A: Yes
    3. Regardless of the motivation, Laurel’s self-interest is indirectly aligned with the Cabal.
      1. A: More likely direct since she feared that Wright was getting closer to the truth and would likely assist the task force. If she is a member of the Cabal, Laurel could become a liability to the Cabal if she let Wright live.
      2. A: Laurel is a confirmed member of the Cabal as of “The Director”.
  11. Matias Solomon
    1. Why did Solomon not have a larger team in the tunnels?
      1. A: Special operations teams are usually small units. The larger the group, the more attention they would draw.
    2. Will Solomon locate Harold Cooper and Tom Keen? He found the photo in Cooper’s house.
      1. A: He will probably find the cabin, whether it is occupied depends on how long it takes him to locate it.
  12. Karakurt
    1. Why did Karakurt believe the Cabal would rescue him?
      1. A: He was loyal to them, so he thought they would be loyal to him.

Slanders on the FBI[]


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Eric Frandsen as Ian Bartleby
  • Maceo Oliver as Sheriff Cothran
  • Dipti Mehta as Doctor
  • Skippy “D” as Uncle Parker
  • Maxwell Korn as Aide
  • Kenita Miller as Female Clerk
  • Tracy Friedman as State Trooper


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