Lady Luck” is the sixteenth episode of Season 6 of The Blacklist and the hundred and twenty-seventh episode overall.


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Liz and Ressler investigate a Blacklister who offers to erase gambling debts - at a deceptively high price. Meanwhile, Dembe grows concerned as Red tests the loyalties of their business associates in search of the individual who turned him in to the police.

Number on The BlacklistEdit

  • 69

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. The title is a reference to the song Luck Be a Lady and Lady Luck.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. Red’s obsession will destroy him if he does not gain self-control. Elizabeth Keen faked her death to escape his control. Kathryn Nemec nearly destroyed his syndicate in revenge.
    2. What did Carlo Androssani do to deserve an additional 15 percent tax?
      1. A: In “Alter Ego”, Carlo called for a vote with his partners and advocated to cut ties with Reddington, fearing he might cut a deal.
    3. How many employees went rogue while Red was imprisoned?
    4. Why is Red opposed to selling drugs and narcotics? He sells weaponry.
      1. A: It might not be a moral objection, it is possible he is trying to avoid the attention and notoriety being involved in the drug trade would bring from authorities or rival organizations.
  3. Agathe Tyche
    1. How serious was Lou's gambling addication? The car accident occured after he had bought a lottery ticket.
    2. What were the rumors Red had heard? Harold Cooper said that “Lady Luck” was an urban legend.
    3. Why did Moira Tyche decide to continue Agathe’s policy of killing gamblers?
    4. When did Moira Tyche decide to continue Agathe’s policy of killing gamblers?
      1. A: While Moira was talking to her mother.
  4. Henry Morris
    1. Why did Henry Morris’s wife not divorce him after he pawned her engagement ring?
    2. Why was Henry fired by the Department of Transportation?
    3. How was Henry supporting himself after being fired?

Slanders on the FBIEdit


Main starEdit

Guest starEdit

  • Mary Pat Gleason as Agathe Tyche
  • Michael Aronov as Joe Putnum
  • Max Casella as Henry Morris
  • Raphael Sbarge as Ned Green
  • Katherine Willis as Moira Tyche
  • Roxanna Hope Radja as Theresa Morris
  • Sullivan Jones as MJ Ward
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake as Janet MacNamara
  • Al Sapienza as Carlo Androssani
  • Laurence Mason as Martin Walcott


  • Daniel Morgan Shelley as Detective Evers
  • Bernard Rachelle as Lou Tyche
  • Nicole Callender as Betsy Nagel
  • Maxim Swinton as Joey Tyche
  • Marie Grace LaFerrara as Waitress
  • Angela Jeanneau as Agent
  • Shpend Xani as Albanian Gunman #1
  • Renne Gjoni as Albanian Gunman #2
  • Kossim Osseni as Nigerian Gunman #1
  • Boma Akpore as Nigerian Gunman #2
  • CJ Parson as HRT Leader


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