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Lawrence Dane Devlin is a member of The Blacklist.


Lawrence Dane Devlin was a well regarded fixer who specialized in making problems go way and disposed of bodies as part of his studies in thanatology, the scientific field that researches death and decay. Devlin even had a research postion within the University of Tennessee body farm until 2005, when he came under investigation because several of the corpses he requested had body parts missing, but when charges were eventually brought against him, Devlin and all 3 witnesses against him disappeared. Since then, Lawrence had been in the body disposal business all while performing experiments with his victims, using his grandfather's lands in Taylor County, West Viriginia for both tasks. During his career as a fixer, Lawrence amounted for himself a very long list of victims, all from unsolved crimes that were never found or recovered.

Season 5[]

Nicholas T. Moore[]

Devlin is hired to retrieve a person for Nicholas Tyler Moore.

Lawrence Dane Devlin[]

Devlin is mauled to death by a grizzly bear.


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