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Leo Andropov was a Russian virus expert and accomplice to Karakurt.


Andropov worked for the Russians as a virologist. He attended Moscow State University where he acquired degrees in microbiology, virology, and genetics. A prodigy in the field, he published his first and only paper on the subject at the age of 16, after which he was recruited by the Soviet government. Andropov did however write 530 classified non-published papers what were archived in the Soviet Archives.

After graduation he worked at the D. I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology in Moscow, the M.P. Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitis, and the Russian Academy of Medical Science. He eventually discovered the etiology of a new transmittable neurological encephalitis and isolated the virus causing it with his colleagues. For this discovery he won the Stalin Prize of First Degree in Science and Technology. Andropov later became an honorary and later permanent member of theAcademy of Medical services of the USSR. He received the Honoris Causa from the Academia Leopoldina in Germany and became an honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. He also won the Lenin Prize in Science and Technology.

Andropov was then assigned to work in the Weapons Ministry from 1970 to 1973. Andropov was later transferred to a Special Branch of the Defense Ministry in 1975, where he organized several medical expeditions to Siberia and other Soviet affiliated regions to investigate viral outbreaks. Andropov studied many diseases while out there, including Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Kemerovo Fever viruses, various human and veterinarian vaccines, including inactivated vaccines against TEF, Measles, Influenze, and a vaccine against canine distemper virus used to farmed fur animals. From 1979-1981, Andropov later served in the Special Medical Branch of the Soviet Army during the Soviet War in Afghanistan. He later left the Soviet Union in 1986 and started working for the Cabal.

Season 2[]


He stands in front of a college posing as an anti-Patriot Act activist when a male student, Connor Jennings, bumps into him. They talk a bit, Connor signs his petition, shakes his hand and walks away. Andropov watches as the Connor starts shaking, cramping and bleeding from the nose and eyes and then collapses. Andropov slips away, telling someone on his phone that they have “achieved customization” and to begin step 2. Andropov later ambushes Elizabeth Keen at a train station where he infects her with the same virus he used to kill Connor, making her a carrier.

Tom Connolly[]

Tom Keen and Elizabeth Keen search for answers regarding Harold Cooper's health and answers on Katarina Rostova. During the chase, he is stopped by 2 other people who are supposed to be his extraction team, but the team kills him since he has been located. A USB flashdrive he was carrying reveals he got Harold Cooper's doctor to give him drugs that fabricated symptoms of a brain tumor and slowly lowered the symptoms, thinking the clinical trial he was in was working so Tom Connolly could blackmail him.

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