Leon Cox is a member of The Blacklist.


Leon Cox was the CIA Director of Operations when he learned through an agency asset that the infamous international terrorist Ilyas Surkov had died of cancer, which the rest of the world did not know about. Cox sought to take advantage of that fact and decided to use Surkov's name as a cover story for America's black operations. Cox ordered several false flag operations that were blamed on Ilyas Surkov. The objective of those operations was to serve America's agenda without connecting the U.S. government to those actions, but Cox began using the attacks to maintain his operations budget and to terrify people into accepting a surveillance state. As Ilyas Surkov, Cox was responsible for destroying a plane on a humanitarian mission for the Boko Haram victims and the demolition of a Paris Cafe by a C-4 suitcase bomb.

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  • Leon Cox is the second Director of the National Clandestine Service on the show, after Peter Kotsiopulos.


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