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Leonard Caul” is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist and the forty first episode overall. It aired on April 23, 2015 on NBC.


Press Release[]

As Red fights for his life, he pleads with Liz to track down Leonard Caul - a mysterious figure from his past with knowledge of The Fulcrum. It's a race against time for the task force to locate Caul before Red's life is threatened again, while Tom proves helpful in an unexpected way.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 62

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Raymond Reddington
    1. Was the silver briefcase the same one from “The Kenyon Family”?
      1. A: Yes.
    2. Where does Red get his mercenaries from?
    3. How did Red learn Caul's identity? He did not know Caul's name in the previous episodes.
      1. A: Perhaps they had contact off screen? Or Red was able to find the alias used for the apartment and was able to track him down based on that?
  2. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why did Keen not recognize that the FBI imposters were carrying the wrong type of handguns?
    2. Was Keen the person who called the police and gave the FBI plate number?
  3. Leonard Caul
    1. Why did Caul use an old style reel-to-reel audio tape recording?
      1. A: It was to show Keen the contents of the Fulcrum and why Caul wanted to meet with Red concerning it.
      2. Q: I am referring to the type of recording. Why did Caul not use a modern digital system?
      3. A: It is counter-intuitive, but it is actually harder to forge or modify an analogue recording since one cannot use “off-the-shelf” editing tools. An alternative is that he may have just preferred the device for “sentimental” reasons.
      4. A: He was showing her the original fulcrum from 25 years ago, when digital recordings were not very high quality
    2. Why did Caul magnetically destroy the laptop computer? Was it for the same reason that burner prepaid mobile phone mobile applications exist?
      1. A: It was to keep Peter Kotsiopulos from finding him, aware of the recent turn of events.
      2. A: It was to prevent the Cabal from locating where Red was being treated.
    3. Why did Caul visit the hospital after his attack? He should have known that the police would be called. Why did he not have his own personal medical team?
    4. Why did Caul not realize that Tom’s safe house had been located?
  4. Peter Kotsiopulos
    1. Peter Kotsiopulos’s speech to Connolly resembled Manfred Powell’s speech to Lara Croft in the novelization of “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”. Other examples include “Swordfish” and the Operative from “Serenity”. The “greater good” wording was designed to weaken resistance to the bloody reality.
    2. What will Peter Kotsiopulos do now that he knows that Keen has made multiple copies of the Fulcrum?
      1. A: He'd likely attack her because he is aware that Keen is Red's weak point. Since she assisted him by calling off Peter Kotsiopulos's bluff, she is an enemy of the Cabal.
    3. Was Peter Kotsiopulos's strike force composed of mercenaries or official government agents who work for the Cabal?
  5. Harold Cooper
    1. Does Cooper have any allies left? Reven is waffling and Connolly has allied with the Cabal.
      1. A: Aside the task force, no. It means he'd likely have to side with Red.
    2. Cooper has a greater incentive to ally with Red. He told Ressler that he wanted a specific Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) sent.
    3. Who sent the fake FBI agents from the field office? Cooper refused to release Red’s location after learning of the leak.
    4. How will Cooper cover-up the attacks on Red?
  6. Thomas Connolly
    1. Was Connolly recruited by Peter Kotsiopulos or did he actively seek a position?
      1. A: Likely recruited by Peter Kotsiopulos due to his strained friendship with Cooper.
    2. What did Peter Kotsiopulos offer to Connolly to betray Cooper?
      1. A: A position in the Cabal.
    3. Is Peter Kotsiopulos responsible for Connolly’s near-certain rise to Attorney General?
  7. Reven Wright
    1. Why did Reven say that she was regretting the Keen trial whitewash?
    2. Is Reven worried that Red and/or the task force may destroy her career?
      1. A: She is more likely worried about Red because of his control of the FBI Task Force which makes him a likely threat for her career that would lead her to ally herself with Peter Kotsiopulos soon.
  8. Helen Jubal
    1. What would Connolly have done if Jubal had not revealed Operation Harwood?
    2. Why did Jubal insist that the information be used to locate Red?
      1. A: She was legally not supposed to disclose that information, so she was only willing to do so if it was to be used against a high-profile criminal.
  9. Kathryn Nemec
    1. What job excuse are the surviving members of Red’s medical team going to use?
    2. What is Nemec supposed to do if Red dies?
    3. Why was Nemec scanning Red’s medical team?
      1. A: To verify that they weren't carrying any concealed weapons
    4. Why did Red’s contingency plan involve 500,000 dollars?
      1. A: It's a sizable amount of cash that can be used for bribes, payouts, expenses, etc.
    5. Why did Nemec decide to trust Tom?
      1. A: It was a desperate situation, and they needed all the help they could get if they were to survive, especially from someone as skilled as Tom.
  10. Dembe Zuma
    1. Why did Dembe not tell Liz to call Nemec as soon as Liz showed her cell phone?
      1. A: It's a security measure, Elizabeths cell phone may have been compromised and traced, also Dembe's phone had the pre-programmed “Code 77” to reach Nemec.
    2. Why did Dembe need to remain with Red?
      1. A: He has an undying loyalty to Raymond, in previous episodes we learn that Raymond saved him from slavery at the age of 14, and being his personal security detail he would never leave Reddington's side.
  11. Nik Korpal
    1. Why was Nik Korpal still vindictive over the marriage refusal?
    2. Why did Nik Korpal recognize Reddington?
      1. A: Reddington is a criminal on the FBI's Most Wanted List and as recently as “Luther Braxton”, Red's face was shown on national news coverage.
    3. Did Nik Korpal agree to help and stay silent because he knew that he could shakedown Liz for a bribe?
    4. How will Nik Korpal explain his sudden ability to repay his debts?
    5. How will taking the 500,000 dollars give Red leverage? Tom Keen was speaking from personal experience.
    6. Why did Liz not call Ellie?
      1. A: Liz would likely put Ellie in danger if she were to call her to help with the surgery. It would also mean that she would have to explain to her friend the whole sordid affair with Red.
      2. Q: She called Ellie for help when Tom was wounded.
      3. A: While Ellie has demonstrated medical experience, it is possible that her experience was not enough for the complex surgery needed for Red.

Slanders on the FBI []


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Philip Martin as Paramedic
  • Gordon Tashjian as Agent
  • Joe Tuttle as Associate
  • Nathaniel Stampley as NSC Official
  • Guyviaud Joseph as Guard
  • Thea McCartan as Anesthesiologist


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