Les Fleurs Du Mal” is the third episode of Season 7 of The Blacklist and the hundred and thirty-sixth overall.


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Aram goes undercover to infiltrate a secret society of wealthy thrill-seekers, whose entertainment hinges upon spectacular acts of violence. Meanwhile, Red tries to negotiate with a former associate involved in the Townsend Directive, while Katarina Rostova takes steps to insinuate herself into Liz's life.

Number on The BlacklistEdit

  • 151

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. The title is a reference to Les Fleurs du mal.
  2. The storyline is identical to “The Blacklist: The Dead Ring No. 166“.
  3. Raymond Reddington
    1. Did Red tell the FBI where to find the corpse of Louis T. Steinhil?
    2. Why is Red offering the FBI leads on Katarina Rostova while protecting her?
    3. Why the lie about The Peppermill anniversary?
  4. Katarina Rostova
    1. Why is Katarina Rostova so important that her death is mandatory for some?
    2. Why did Rostova kill Steinhil? She could have given him an escape route.
  5. Thelonious Prackett
    1. Thelonious Prackett rarely removed his gloves. This is similar to the character of Der Schränker (The Safecracker) in “M”.
    2. Prackett’s use of his thumbs is similar to the signals used by the Roman emperor for deciding the fates of gladiators.
    3. What did Prackett mean when he said ”some defiance” to Aram Mojtabai?
    4. What did Prackett hire Steinhil to create?
    5. Why was the mansion on an island?
    6. Where was the island located?
    7. Why did Prackett choose the name “Les Fleurs Du Mal“?
    8. Why did Prackett fear the death penalty?
    9. The guests at “The Defiance” folded to fear when faced with death or prison.
    10. Why did guests attend even knowing that they could be killed by “The Defiance”?
    11. What happened when a guest won “The Defiance”?
    12. How was Charles Radcliffe injured?
    13. Why did Prackett let Charles Radcliffe live? “The Defiance” was supposed to be fatal to the loser.
    14. Why did the outside guards at the mansion not sound the alarm?
  6. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why did Keen tell Red about Steinhil? Why did the FBI not arrest him?
  7. Aram Mojtabai
    1. Donald Ressler had the loss of Audrey Bidwell.
  8. Harold Cooper
    1. Cooper’s stance on family has changed. He told Meera Malik that the FBI is more important than family.
    2. Why did Cooper use a Hostage Rescue Team instead of the FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Teams?

Slanders on the FBIEdit

  1. Why did the FBI team not intervene when Katarina Rostova broke into Keen's apartment?


  • ”The Defiance” death traps
    • Bomb defusing
    • Trap created by Louis T. Steinhil
    • Kill a tiger with a knife
    • Fell off the Eiffel Tower
    • Piranhas
    • Arterial gas embolism
    • Drowned by glass beads
    • Drowning (improvised)
    • 6 unknown methods
    • Lethal injection with poison (threatened by Ressler)


Main starEdit

Guest starEdit


  • Peter Bradbury as Berdy Chernov
  • Bobby James Evers as Agent Fields
  • James Leo Ryan as Wilbur Eaton
  • Sarah Kell/Katherine Kell/Emily Kell as Agnes Keen
  • Koh Mochizuki as Driver
  • Polina Ionina as Female Employee
  • Katherine Roarty as Host
  • Rich Mollo as Charles Radcliffe
  • J.R. Whittington as Concierge


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