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Levi Shur was a character on “The Blacklist”.


Levi Shur was a high ranking Mossad Agent that operated in the U.S. During his career, Levi was one of the Mossad agents assigned to find and kill the notorious terrorist Zal Bin Hasaan, where he met Samar Navabi, who was also in the group that hunted down Hassan. Samar and Levi quickly grew closer to one another and started a passionate romantic relationship. However, the relation ended when Samar was reassigned to the Reddington Task Force while Levi remained in the Mossad. After that, Levi eventually got engaged to another woman.

Season 3[]

Zal Bin Hasaan[]

The FBI under Commander Farrow and Agent Donald Ressler are scouting a power plant they suspect Hasaan is holding five American hostages in when Mossad arrives. Samar introduces Agents Shur and Singer to them, embracing the newcomers warmly. Levi jokes that the Mossad hunt has been less effective since the FBI poached Samar. The agents discuss how to breach the place without harming the hostages, concluding they need a military grade weapon known as the static SIMON breach grenade. The FBI don’t have time to requisition but Mossad already has one. Ressler starts saying Mossad should only be in the US gathering intelligence, when he sees Levi and Samar exchanging looks he decides he doesn’t want to know.

Once they’ve taken the building, Levi discovers another group of men being held hostage. One of them is Samar’s missing brother, Shahin Navabi, and the rest are too young to be Hasaan. They move the new hostages along with the original five to a Mossad safe house. Just as Levi finishes his interrogation and moves to release them, one of the hostages denotes a bomb. In the confusion, many of the hostages are revealed to be Hasaan’s men, they execute the five original hostages, along with many of the Mossad staff. Levi is forced to watch as Hasaan interrogate and kill his agents until Hasaan asks for the officer in charge. Levi reveals himself, and is taken to where a safe containing all of Mossad’s agents is locked. When Levi refuses to give them the code, he is almost killed, but Samar takes out the gun man. Worried that they would find other ways to get the list, Levi opens the safe and burns all relevant documents. Unfortunately he gets distracted explaining the lighter, as he had resumed smoking when Samar left him. Hasaan and his men arrive, shooting Levi and abducting Samar. Despite his injury, the FBI storm the building and rescue him.

Season 4[]

Lipet's Seafood Company[]

Levi acts as the leader of a Mossad strike team illegally operating in the United States to hunt down operatives of the New Martyrs Brigade building a new missile guidance system. Levi's team, working with Samar, raid the NMB base and get the guidance system, but the NMB sends operatives to recover it and Levi's operation is exposed to the FBI. When the FBI flag a Mossad asset coming into the country, Samar meets up with Levi and tells him to get the team out, promising to stall the FBI investigation. Unfortunately, she is abducted, and once Reddington identifies the asset as Mossad the FBI storms Levi’s safe house. Ressler demands Levi give the FBI the system, but when Levi receives a call from the NMB demanding a trade, he slips away.

Ressler and the rest of the team follow Levi to the park where he makes the exchange, giving the system to a vendor while a car releases Samar. A drone takes the system away, but the NMB operatives are defeated by the Task Force and the system recovered. Afterwards, Levi reveals that he broke off his engagement to Alma and wishes to get back together with Samar, but after thinking it over, she announces that she's in love with someone else and can't be with Levi.

Season 6[]

Robert Vesco[]

After resigning from the FBI, Samar puts in her notice for Mossad. Levi is there for her exit interview and introduces her to Dr. Sands, who will be administrating the Mossad polygraph. To him, it's protocol, to Samar, she knows Tel Aviv is having second thoughts about having 'loaned' her to the FBI when she had Level 4 clearance. They are worried her loyalties might have switched, that she may have given intelligence to the American authorities or even worse, to Reddington. During the interrogation, the questions soon became inquiries about whether her personal health was the reason she was resigning, and Samar says she is pregnant.

Aram is in line for coffee when Levi approaches him, telling him Samar failed the polygraph. Levi correctly guesses she is hiding something, Aram claims ignorance and tells Levi that he did not appreciate being followed. Both men knew that Samar would never betray Mossad, but Levi is acting in his superiors' interest and they are definitely questioning her loyalty. He hopes Aram can provide some explanation, and gives Aram a fake business card with his real name and phone number. Aram relents, admitting that Samar was in an accident that deprived her brain of oxygen. He tells Levi it was Vascular Dementia, and that Samar had not told anyone else. Levi backs off, and congratulates Aram on Samar's pregnancy. He later calls Samar and tells her she has been honourably discharged, not knowing that will be when Samar tells Aram she lied about the pregnancy.

The Osterman Umbrella Company[]

After the Task Force learns of the Osterman Umbrella Company operating in America, they assumed an American agent was being targeted. When they discover the target is actually Samar, they update Reddington, who concludes it was a state-sanctioned hit by Mossad. He locates Levi and gives him the chess piece the company uses to confirm contracts, telling him to call it off. Levi tells him he can't, he's already awaiting confirmation by the operative sent for the task. Reddington reminds him that the only justifiable reason for the contract is if Samar is a traitor, and Levi realizes that Reddington didn't know about her condition. She may not be a traitor, but as her memory fails, it would be inevitable that she will betray something. That was why Samar tried to keep it a secret, she knew this could happen.

Sure enough, after surviving an attack by an unknown woman, Samar tells Aram to run. He tries to tell her about the company, but she already knows them. She tells Aram that if Mossad knew about her compromised memory, they would vote for a dropped token, something that she and Levi had done before. After several narrow escapes, Aram realizes Levi had been tracking them with the business card he provided.

As Levi refused to call off the contract, Reddington says the Mossad's DC station chief is the one who can override him. Cooper reaches out, but although his counterpart makes the phone calls, he eventually tells Cooper that Mossad denies any knowledge of the contract hit. Furious, Cooper allows Reddington to take Levi Shur, and when Mossad demands his return Cooper simply repeats his words about this being a non-event.

Despite being at Reddington's mercy, Levi remains calm, telling Reddington he didn't want to order the hit but he was following orders. He points out that had the situation being reversed, Samar would have done the same. Reddington could understand that, but he couldn't forgive Levi for the lengths he went to, namely the manipulation of Aram. When Levi remains unrepentant, he is suffocated with a plastic bag.


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