Levi Shur was a character on "The Blacklist".


Levi Shur was a high ranking Mossad Agent that operated in the U.S. During his career, Levi was one of the Mossad agents assigned to find and kill the notorious terrorist Zal Bin Hasaan, where he met Samar Navabi, who was also in the group that hunted down Hassan. Samar and Levi quickly grew closer to one another and started a passionate romantic relationship. However, the relation ended when Samar was reassigned to the Reddington Task Force while Levi remained in the Mossad. After that, Levi eventually got engaged to another woman.

Season 3Edit

"Zal Bin Hasaan"Edit

Season 4Edit

"Lipet's Seafood CompanyEdit

Levi acts as the leader of a Mossad strike team illegally operating in the United States to hunt down operatives of the New Martyrs Brigade building a new missile guidance system. Levi's team, working with Samar, raid the NMB base and get the guidance system, but the NMB sends operatives to recover it and Levi's operation is exposed to the FBI. Levi is forced to trade the system for Samar, but the NMB operatives are defeated by the Task Force and the system recovered. Afterwards, Levi reveals that he broke off his engagement to Alma and wishes to get back together with Samar, but after thinking it over, she announces that she's in love with someone else and can't be with Levi.

Season 6Edit

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"The Osterman Umbrella Company"Edit

Levi contracts the Osterman Umbrella Company to assassinate Samar after learning that she has suffered damage to her memory from Aram. He is suffocated with a plastic bag by Red in revenge for Samar when Levi won't call off the assassination.


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