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Dr. Linus Creel was a psychologist who appeared in “Dr. Linus Creel”.


Linus Creel was a psychologist who worked as a lab assistant on Subproject 7, a black-op project sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency to research the MAO-A 2R, also known as the “Warrior Gene”, which is said to cause a predisposition towards violence in humans. After the project was cancelled, he used his PhD in clinical psychology from NYU to go into private practice, but never lost faith that the project could be resumed and identify those who could one day become violent. He also subbed at 6 other hospitals. To this end, he started manipulating his patients whom he strongly suspected of carrying the MAO-A 2R “Warrior Gene” into committing violent crimes by stressing them, putting pressure on them through anonymous accusations and false rumors, and making their lives spiral further and further downwards until they cracked and attacked someone, usually fatally.

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