"Lord Baltimore" is the first episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist, the twenty third episode overall and the Season 2 premiere. It aired on September 22, 2014 on NBC.


While continuing his battle with Milos Kirchoff, Raymond Reddington recovers intelligence from a Congolese warlord (Yaabari) that a person named "Lord Baltimore", an information broker, hired a Bounty Hunter to kill him. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Keen goes through the process of annulling her marriage with Tom, and is unknowingly under surveillance by an unknown party. During the investigation into Lord Baltimore, the Task Force questions Rowan Mills a supposed victim of Lord Baltimore. Further investigation into Mills reveals that she is actually Rowan's twin sister, Nora Mills, a covert operative who suffers from an engineered dissociative identity disorder, and is also revealed to be the actual Lord Baltimore. Red learns during his brief captivity by a Mossad agent Samar Navabi that Baltimore's intended target is his ex-wife, Naomi Hyland. Liz attempts to evacuate Naomi, but her team is ambushed by a kidnapping team led by Mills. While Liz successfully captures Mills, Red attempts to rescue Naomi at a designated apartment only to find a locket instead. Red later receives a package with a cell phone provided by Milos Kirchoff, and is taunted that Naomi would be sent to Red "piece by piece", making true to his word when Red finds a finger in the package. Harold Cooper returns to his role as the Task Force's director after a visit from Reddington.

Press Release

RED CONFRONTS AN IMPORTANT PERSON FROM HIS PAST - Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. An important person comes back from the past into Red's world. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom.

Number on The Blacklist

  • 104

Unanswered Questions

  1. How long will the Milos Kirchoff storyline be used?
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. Red's behavior was more reckless than usual, he could have died before or during the meeting with General Yaabari.
    2. Red's offer to surrender his evidence of the Kuwait incident to Harold Cooper implies that Red's syndicate is deserting him.
    3. Will Red change his necktie and fashion buying habits?
    4. Red aided the FBI less than usual. He did not have to aid Liz other than the basic information about the Blacklister.
      1. A: Red was able to confirm that the rumour was true, meaning that the FBI could then actively pursue Lord Baltimore.
      2. Q: I am referring to constant action. Here he gave Keen the starting evidence and let the FBI do the majority of the work. At the end Red gained the message from Milos Kirchoff. In previous episodes and "Monarch Douglas Bank", he gives Keen the starting evidence, supplies aid when Keen needs help, and gains something at the end.
      3. A: Telling the FBI the name of the target (Naomi Hyland) surely counts as aid when needed and he gained Samar Navabi as an ally.
      4. Q: Considering her actions in "Monarch Douglas Bank", Samar's actions may have been pre-arranged with Red to give her credibility with the FBI.
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Evidence of Red's victory over Keen, her behavior towards Nora and her handler. Such as not offering medical attention for the leg wound.
    2. Liz adopted Red's tactics of constantly changing her living conditions. This allows Red to offer suggestions and help with improving her techniques.
    3. Liz's paranoia about Tom was severe. How long will it last?
    4. Why did Liz keep the last name of Keen? It was a false name used by Tom Keen.
    5. Why did Keen choose an annulment over a divorce?
      1. A: Maybe she is Roman Catholic.
      2. A: The difference is that an annulment is retroactive and basically makes it so that the marriage is considered never to have happened. Also, a divorce would require the other party's consent. Since Tom (which may not even be his real identity) turned out to have married Liz just to keep tabs on her and worked for a criminal, an annulment seems like the better option.
    6. Who is conducting reconnaissance/surveillance on Elizabeth Keen?
      1. A: Tom Keen is not dead. See the glasses on the dashboard.
  4. The FBI
    1. Did the U.S. government supply the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles? Deputy Attorney General Reven Wright complained about Red's use of the FBI's slush fund. Walter Gary Martin defended the expenses as needed for the Milos Kirchoff hunt.
      1. A: Red bought them with the money from the US government.
    2. How did Red convince the FBI to let him spend at least 12,000,000 dollars of their money?
    3. Why did Mossad and the FBI cooperate?
  5. Mossad
    1. Why did Mossad agent Samar Navabi kidnap Red?
      1. A: On the orders of Walter Gary Martin.
      2. Q: Martin could have ordered Keen to contact Red. Samar was skeptical that the FBI would overrule her.
      3. A: After what happened in "Berlin", Liz may not have agreed, or would certainly have alerted Red.
    2. Why did Mossad extract Red using an attack in public? Using a helicopter gunship will result public outrage. The other guests at the hotel attacked are likely high-ranking politicians.
      1. A: They probably used a cover story that they were making a film or TV show and all the other people were extras. Only Dembe Zuma is shown as suffering any injury. Red noticed that the usual staff were not on duty.
      2. Q: The building and windows were shown suffering damage. That means real ammunition was used. What did it gain Mossad to use a public extraction? They could have kidnapped Red similar to his tactics in "Madeline Pratt".
  6. Nora Mills
    1. How many of Nora's other clients will be arrested?
    2. Will Nora Mills be granted release from prison if her dissociative identity disorder is cured?
      1. A: Nora stole Rowan's identity. Nora also committed murder. If she is cured of thinking she is Rowan, she would go back to her original identity.
    3. How was Nora able to keep her condition a secret? Why did Rowan not suspect something was wrong because of the missing time she experienced when Nora was in control?
    4. Why did Keen and Ressler believe the polygraph (lie detector) results? The methods of lie detection can be defeated by training the subject to control their body language. In “Lie Detector (1954)” the expert admits that polygraph (lie detector) is not always reliable.
    5. Why did Nora feel guilty about murdering Rowan? She followed through on committing the murder.
      1. A: She clearly was not in a good place, mentally and emotionally, if she committed the murder and developed dissociative identity disorder in the first place. It also sounds like it was a crime of passion, i.e., not pre-meditated, but something done in the heat of the moment that she later wished she had not done.
    6. Why did Nora leave through the front door where the FBI and police could see her? If she had used the back door then Keen would have not seen her.
      1. A: Rowan exited the front door. Nora reset herself after the shooting
    7. Why was Aram Mojtabai following the urban legend of Lord Baltimore?
      1. A: Aram is the information technology geek. Of course he is interested in these kind of things.
  7. Rowan Mills
    1. Why did Elizabeth Keen and/or Donald Ressler suspect that Rowan was dead?
    2. Why did Ressler assume a mental "split" after finding the body?
      1. A: It was an explanation for the lie detector result.
    3. Why did the Mill's mother keep the body of Rowan?
      1. A: She did not, Nora did, presumably as part of her guilt complex. When Ressler arrived to investigate, the mother said "Rowan" did not want anyone going back there.
  8. Yaabari
    1. During the opening chase, both the insurgent and goverment forces showed incompetent training. The insurgents displayed reckless behavior despite the danger. The government forces could not hit the jeep at close range and did not attempt to evade despite the rocket-propelled grenade being in plain sight.
      1. A: The insurgent forces, at least, have the excuse of being untrained soldiers.
    2. Who was firing the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles?
    3. How did Red know the location of Yaabari's camp?
    4. How did General Yaabari know about the bounty hunters hired by Milos Kirchoff?
      1. A: In case he found Red and could then sell him to the hunters.
    5. What happened to General Yaabari's ear?
      1. A: He lost one of his ears due to a war wound.
  9. Why did Nora's team alternate between bullets and tasers?
  10. Was Naomi Hyland in protective custody? She stated that the FBI believed her claims of innocence. In "The Judge", Admiral Richard Abraham was not forced to resign.
    1. A: She was in the United States Federal Witness Protection Program to protect her from Red.
  11. Is Ressler in danger of wrecking his career?
    1. A: No.
  12. What is wrong with Harold Cooper? Both Cooper and Red implied that Cooper's time is running out.
    1. A: It could be a type of cancer since it was discovered at the hospital.
    2. A: Or aneurysm. Or a lot of other things. Too early to speculate.
  13. Why was Milos Kirchoff sitting in ice water?
    1. A: An ice bath is used by some athletes to help in recovery after muscle strain, Milos Kirchoff left the hospital before his recovery was complete.

Slanders on the FBI

  1. In addition to Ruth Kipling, many members of The Blacklist seem to be regarded as legends or myths by law enforcement. Even Raymond Reddington has had trouble finding information on them. Considering the network of informers the FBI has, they should have at least heard the same rumors.
    1. A: Some members of the FBI have heard some of the rumours, Aram Mojtabai knew about Lord Baltimore, Meera Malik knew about Wujing, Donald Ressler knew about Mako Tanida, and the entire team had heard about General Ludd's operation.
  2. The agents/marshals outside the Hyland home were not in sight of other team members, nor did they have open radio links as a fallback. The FBI knew about Milos Kirchoff's efficiency and ruthlessness.


  • One of the other bounty hunters mentioned is called "Orci", named after executive producer J.R. Orci.
  • "Lord Baltimore" is a reference to the movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", where the character name comes from the Indian tracker.


Main star

Guest star


  • Flint Beverage as Herman Gossling
  • Jennifer Kim as FBI Tech
  • Tom Hammond as Husband #1
  • Neil Hellegers as Husband #2
  • Pat Patterson as Wife #1
  • Kate Grimes as Wife #2
  • Amani Emanuel as Child Soldier #1
  • Derek Johnson as Child Soldier #2
  • Bluend Mulbah as Child Soldier #3
  • John-Patrick Driscoll as Inspector Stevens
  • Jeff Talbott as Liz's Lawyer
  • Paul Nugent as Bellboy
  • Jeremiah Wiggins as Concierge
  • Hwalan Shub as Korean Woman


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