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Lucy Brooks was a character on NBC's The Blacklist.


She was introduced as “Jolene Parker”, a substitute teacher who has been hired to get emotionally close to Tom Keen. In the past, she was convicted for robbery and aggravated assault in Santa Fe, but disappeared while on parole. Prior to the events in “The Blacklist”, she and Red had clashed in some way, leading Brooks to fake her death and escape his radar.

Season 1[]


Wujing gives Red Lucy's ViCAP number.

General Ludd[]

Raymond Reddington accesses her ViCAP file.

The Alchemist[]

Before attending the baby shower at Elizabeth Keen and Tom Keen's house she reads a dossier on Tom. She interrupts an argument between Liz and Tom to introduce herself as Jolene. When Liz has to leave early, she flirts with Tom and invites him to a photography exhibition the next evening. She also offers advice on relationships.

When Liz breaks their dinner date, Tom attends the exhibition with “Jolene”.

The Cyprus Agency[]

After Liz tells Tom that she has had second thoughts about adopting, he leaves and spends time with “Jolene”. They sit together in a car and talk.

Madeline Pratt[]

Just after Tom Keen has checked in early and alone at the teaching conference, she encounters him.

The Judge[]

“Jolene” and Tom are talking with each other at a hotel bar, and later go into the men's bathroom to make out, but are interrupted by a child. Jolene gives Tom a key card to her hotel room and walks out.

Jolene lets Tom into her hotel room, expecting the start of a sexual affair. When Tom tries to walk out, saying that he loves his wife, Jolene reminds him, “Elizabeth Keen is not your wife, she's your target”.

Mako Tanida[]

After establishing in “The Judge” that she works for the same person (“Berlin”) that Tom Keen works for, Tom takes her to his base of operations. She looks over his wall of surveillance photos and equipment (including a sniper rifle and other weapons) and listens to his explanation of why he has not contacted his employers for months. She appears to wish to continue staying close to further monitor Tom's activities and report back to their mutual employer.

She later appears at the apartment talking to Liz and says she is moving to the neighborhood and asks Liz to help her find a place, upsetting Tom with her sudden insertion into his marriage and operation. When the Cowboy tries to take Jolene/Lucy at Raymond Reddington's orders, she is saved by Tom, who takes her and the bounty hunter to his hideout.

While Tom attempts to interrogate the Cowboy about his employer, Jolene insists that he won't tell Tom anything. Tom blames her for putting his operation at risk, since everything that has gone wrong so far has been due to her stepping in, and has her call Liz and cancel the apartment hunting, saying that her fiancé got a job elsewhere. The Cowboy warns her that if she does that, Tom will kill her then him. After she hangs up, Tom attacks her and the two begin to fight hand-to-hand.

Jolene is ultimately suffocated by Tom and buried in the woods, along with the Cowboy.


The bodies of Jolene and the Cowboy are discovered by Red and Dembe with the help of Kathryn Nemec, who is a human “bloodhound” about locating corpses. After putting them back the way they found them, Red calls 911 to report Jolene missing and leads an officer, Detective Dabarro, to the Keens' house for questioning. Later on, Liz does an investigation of her own and realizes that Jolene is an alias for Lucy Books, a convicted felon, whose parole officer in Santa Fe has reported her missing.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Was Brooks hired to get close to Elizabeth Keen or Tom Keen? While Liz is the obvious target, Tom has been under suspicion by Raymond Reddington.
    1. A: She was hired to get close to Tom because she and the adversary plan to use him to attack both Red and Liz.
    2. A: She was sent to confirm that Tom was loyal.
  2. Why did Brooks disappear in the first place?
    1. A: It was possible that she and Red had a disagreement with their original deal and Lucy disappeared after that.
  3. Was Eric Trettel involved in her faked death?
    1. A: Very likely. Lucy took advantage of Trettel's ability to change criminals' appearances and fake their deaths with that of an innocent victim. The obituary written on her supposed death was to throw Red off her tracks as Lucy suspected that he was looking for her.
  4. Who hired Brooks?
    1. A: Milos Kirchoff


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