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”Madeline Pratt“ is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of The Blacklist and the fourteenth episode overall. It first aired on February 24, 2014 on NBC.


At a bank in Istanbul Turkey, a woman gains access to a safety deposit box by claiming to be the widowed Mrs. Reddington.

Dembe Zuma interrupts Raymond Reddington during an acupuncture session to tell him that the box in Turkey has been emptied out, and the contents replaced with a note. He hands Red the note, and Red opens it to read “Windsor Lounge, 8 pm” the note is signed “M”.

At the Windsor Lounge, Red meets the woman from Istanbul, Madeline Pratt. She explains that she wants him to steal the Effigy of Atargatis from the Syrian Embassy. Red asks about the documents she stole, worth 10,000,000 dollars.

As Liz and Tom Keen are getting ready for work. Tom is talking on the phone to their friend Ryan. When he hangs up he tells Liz that Katie, Ryan's partner is pregnant. This leads to an argument with Liz and Tom walks out.

Liz meets Red and he tells her about Madeline Pratt who wants his help to steal the Effigy of Atargatis from the Syrian Embassy. Liz quickly realizes that Red is using the FBI as his personal strike force, rather than risk his syndicate. Further investigation, with an antiques dealer Red knows, regarding the Effigy of Atargatis reveals that it is rumoured to contain a list of Soviet agents from the Cold War known as the “Kungur 6”. The “Kungur 6” are still active and rumored to be responsible for several espionage coups and severe penetrations of US security. Exposing and arresting them is regarded as the “holy grail” of US counter-intelligence.

At the Post Office, Meera Malik is complaining to Harold Cooper about the fact that he has allowed Red to vet everyone who is working there, and has removed some people from the site, so that Red would enter the Post Office. When Cooper meets Red, he ignores Red's small talk and asks about the disappearance of Diane Fowler. Red suggests that he speaks to Agent Malik, as she works for Fowler. Meera says that she has had not contact. Cooper threatens to imprison Red if he discovers evidence that Red was involved in Fowler's disappearance.

Red then briefs them about Madeline Pratt. He reveals that Pratt uses her public image as a way to infiltrate her targets. Pratt came to Red for help since the Effigy of Atargatis will be returned to Syria soon and there is no time for a months long planning session. Madeline wants him to steal the Effigy of Atargatis, presumably for a Russian client as it contains the Kungur 6 details. When Cooper says that he is not going to agree to Red stealing the Effigy of Atargatis from the Syrian embassy, Red says that he is not a thief, but Liz has the required skills. Cooper and Donald Ressler question Liz and she says that she does not have a criminal record. When Ressler asks if that is because she was never caught, or never committed a crime she replies “yes”. She then states that she can do what Red asks.

Liz and Red meet Madeline and Liz impresses Madeline with her coolness. During this meeting Liz steals and returns Madeline's cell phone. Madeline then shows Liz blueprints for the Syrian Embassy and the location of the secure area where the Effigy of Atargatis is kept. Pratt will supply an autodialer to override the safe's computer lock. In order to access the safe's location, a copy of the Embassy's head of security's swipe card is needed. He goes outside for coffee, wearing the card each day. Liz swipes the card, Aram clones it, and Liz replaces it on his coat.

Red and Liz prepare for the reception. Red reveals that Pratt is attending and that Rasil Kalif is a Russian Mafia member who likely hired her.

Malik and Cooper talk about Diane Fowler's disappearance. Cooper states that Fowler is dead. When Malik says that Red thought Fowler was the mole, Cooper replies that Red is not the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”. Cooper orders her to investigate Red's current actions and meetings.

Red attends the Syrian Embassy reception as Liz's escort. Red creates a diversion which allows Liz to access the secure part of the Embassy. She waits until the guards begin their security sweep of the hallways before heading for the safe. When Liz opens the safe the alarm is triggered, but the safe is empty. Madeline and other dignitaries are taken to the safe room, while Red steals and discharges a gun to create another distraction, he then heads for the secure area where Liz has been captured by embassy security staff. In the panic room Madeline accuses Red of causing the trouble, and while everyone is distracted, she removes the Effigy of Atargatis from a shelf and hides it in her purse. To Liz's surprise, Red severely overacts before knocking out the guard and rescuing her.

At home, Madeline uses her cell phone to make arrangements for the sale of the Effigy of Atargatis. If the buyer does not retrieve the Effigy of Atargatis 1 hour after Pratt calls with the location, then Pratt will re-sell the Effigy of Atargatis. As she puts the phone down, she removes the top of the statue and smiles.

Meera reports that Madeline made a call to a mosque with links to the Syrian opposition and spoke to Rasil Kalif, while Liz tells Cooper that Red is attempting to locate Madeline and the Effigy of Atargatis. Liz calls Tom to let him know that she will be late, and he decides to leave for the Teaching Conference that evening.

The FBI learn that the Kungur 6 are not spies but nuclear warheads hidden all across the United States by the Soviets in the early 1980's and the Russian mafia hired Madeline to steal the statue and retrieve the locations. Meera shows them a schematic of the suitcase nuke that they are looking for based on the time period and smuggling capacity of such an operation.

Red meets with Madeline on a residential street and she tells him that she set him up in revenge for standing her up in Florence. As they are talking, 2 men of Middle Eastern appearance attack them both with stun guns and bundle them into a van.

Madeline wakes in a darkened prison cell just before Red is put into the cell next door. She tells him that she has sold the Effigy of Atargatis to the Russians. Red tells her that he ran out of gas, and so had to walk to his family home on Christmas Eve. When he arrived he found blood everywhere and that was all he saw. He says that is the reason he did not keep their rendezvous in Florence. The guards come back and take Red, Madeline calls out that she will tell them where the Effigy of Atargatis and warheads are located. After telling them Red appears normally dressed and she realizes that he has deceived her. When she asks if the story about is family is true, Red changes the subject.

Liz, Ressler, Meera, and an FBI SWAT team reach the site, Fort Totten, but the Mafia is already there and a firefight ensues after the stun grenades fail to overwhelm the gangsters. Rasil Kalif runs off, Ressler catches him and engages in a fight. Moments later the SWAT team arrives to make the arrest. Ressler opens the Effigy of Atargatis, but it is empty.

Cooper tells Red that the Effigy of Atargatis was empty and the Madeline was not in the warehouse where Red said she could be found. Red reveals that while the FBI were retrieving the Effigy of Atargatis he obtained the coordinates for the warheads from Madeline. Red states that he has no use for Cold War era “firecrackers” and wants the Effigy of Atargatis. Cooper agrees to trade the Effigy of Atargatis for the warheads.

Liz tells Ressler that she thinks that Tom is going to leave her, and Ressler cancels his date with Audrey Bidwell to keep her company. When Red returns to the house where he is squatting, a Vermeer painting is missing, and a note in its place from Madeline says that Red can collect the painting in Florence.

Tom books into his hotel and Jolene is who also attending the conference bumps into him.

Cooper receives a visit from Special Agent Walter Gary Martin, of the DC bureau who tells him that they are handling the enquiry into Diane Fowler's disappearance, and that Cooper is not to investigate at all and must turn over all his records on the subject. Cooper's objections are ignored and Martin orders him to end the investigation.

Press Release[]

AN ANCIENT ARTIFACT QUICKLY TURNS INTO AN ISSUE OF NATIONAL SECURITY– Liz helps Tom come to terms about their impending adoption while Red reveals that a woman from his past, Madeline Pratt is the next target on The Blacklist. Elsewhere, at an elaborate party at the Syrian Embassy, Red convinces Liz to pull off a covert heist.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 73

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Raymond Reddington and the FBI
    1. Elizabeth Keen is coming under greater suspicion because of the faulty background check. Her theft skills could have been taught to her by her father.
      1. A: Based on her card trick at the end, it is possible that she is/was an amateur magician.
      2. Q: Then why is Red constantly using her father's history against her? She would not be worried about Cooper's accusations if Red was lying. In “Pilot”, she asks Cooper how Red knew about her personal life. When Donald Ressler asked about her father, she changed the subject.
      3. A: Lizzie's biological father was a career criminal.
      4. A: Lizzie's adoptive father was a career criminal, her biological father was a KGB agent.
    2. Harold Cooper and Elizabeth Keen realize that Raymond Reddington has gained a degree of control over the FBI. How will Cooper counter-attack?
      1. A: If he goes too far then Red will find some way to blackmail (“Gina Zanetakos”) and/or control him. Liz's reactions to Red were a humorous/matter-of-fact “I was expecting this” attitude. That will make it easier to win her loyalty. Cooper's and Donald Ressler's views on Elizabeth Keen, due to the faulty background check, place her in Meera's position.
    3. Will Meera Malik ally with Cooper or Red? Both are applying pressure to her.
      1. A: Cooper's by-the-book attitude will probably mean that she has to ally with Red, since Cooper would consider her delivery of a copy of the classified order to Red as collusion, if not treason. He also will not show mercy towards anyone who aided Red's role as Diane Fowler's “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.
    4. Is Alan Fitch the person who ordered the end of Harold Cooper's investigation into Diane Fowler? Will Cooper continue the investigation? Both Red and Fitch could temporarily unite since it is in their self-interest to cover up her murder.
      1. A: Definitely, Fitch knew Red's reasons for murdering Fowler and covering it up. However, Cooper has shown he will stop at nothing to find the truth and his continuing investigation could throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing, leading to Red and Fitch temporarily teaming up to stop him.
  2. Raymond Reddington and Madeline Pratt
    1. Did Madeline Pratt return the documents, keep them, or sell them? They are worth 10,000,000 dollars.
      1. A: Red released her, presumably he retrieved them in addition to the warhead coordinates.
    2. Why did Red allow Pratt to escape?
      1. A: She paid for her release with the warhead locations and possibly the documents she stole in Turkey. Red works for money (most of the time).
      2. Q: He refused to deal with Floriana Campo and forced her to confess.
      3. A: Among the victims of the Eberhart trafficking cartel was Dembe Zuma.
    3. What was/is the relationship between Raymond Reddington and Madeline Pratt? It seemed to be based on genuine romance.
      1. A: It was more likely business than romantic. Red had his reasons for not meeting Madeline in Florence.
      2. Q: Then why was Pratt offended at Red for avoiding her? If it was business then she would understand his reasons for not meeting her. They both work in the black market.
      3. A: The relationship could have been romantic on her side, with Red viewing it as a purely business transaction. Red would certainly use this technique.
  3. Why were the below swipes not noticed?
    1. Pratt's SIM card
      1. A: Liz must have cloned the card, since Pratt used the phone to call her buyer.
    2. The embassy official and his identity card.
      1. A: The card was returned before it was missed.
      2. Q: All the official had to do was look down to see the theft.
      3. A: People do not often look at their own chest while going for a walk.
    3. The Syrian officials after Pratt stole the Effigy of Atargatis, did they not search the people coming out of the safe room?
      1. A: When Pratt left, the theft was unknown.
      2. Q: She took the Effigy of Atargatis off a shelf, looking at the shelf would reveal the theft.
      3. A: By moving some of the other ornaments the gap could be disguised and as the Effigy of Atargatis was not normally there, in the confusion its absence would not be noticed.
  4. Will there be a diplomatic incident over the theft? Or will the Syrian government cover the incident up since they do not want more bad publicity added to the ongoing Syrian Civil War? If they reveal the theft then the anti-government forces will gain a public relations victory.
    1. A: As the actual thief was the guest of a senior member of the embassy staff and it was stolen from the embassy safe room which was full of dignitaries, probably not.
  5. Why did Red trust a bank to safeguard his documents?
    1. A: Red could have left the documents in the bank as bait.
  6. What value does the Effigy of Atargatis have to Red without the list of nuclear warheads? He kept the hard drive seen in “General Ludd”. Nuclear warheads are far more valuable.
    1. A: It is an historic work of art, Red appreciates art.
    2. A: In “The Pavlovich Brothers” he states that he has no use for biological weapons.
  7. Why did Pratt remove the list of the warhead locations? Once the Russian Mafia discovered the list was missing, they would have killed Pratt to retrieve the list and get revenge for being duped. In the black market, reputation is critical.
    1. A: Pratt was probably hired to steal the Effigy of Atargatis, with no statement about what it contained. From the story told by Kalif, the location was put into the Effigy of Atargatis in the 1980s. There would be no evidence that it would still be there 30 years later.
    2. Q: Then why did the Mafia want the Effigy of Atargatis? To sell on the black market's stolen art channels?
    3. A: The Effigy of Atargatis was highly valued by the Syrian Government and art collectors like Red, suggesting that it has a value as an objet d'art. They could have viewed the Kungar 6 list as bonus, or they could have only just heard the rumor about the list's location and were starting their own investigation.
  8. Why did the Mafia send a heavily armed team? Were they expecting a double cross and/or ambush? The FBI brought a SWAT team because they had to assume the worst.
    1. A: The adage “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”; is a good rule when dealing in items stolen from totalitarian regimes.
  9. What happened to Red's family? The story he told Pratt meshes with what we have seen so far.
    1. A: Not quite, in “PilotHarold Cooper says that Raymond Reddington abandoned his family.
    2. Q: Then why did he burn down his old house (“Frederick Barnes”) and kill Stanley R. Kornish (“The Stewmaker”)?
    3. A: Stanley R. Kornish had disposed of many bodies, including at least one that Red would like to stay missing, in addition he had kidnapped and tortured Elizabeth Keen.
  10. Is Lucy Brooks after Tom or Liz? Her appearance in Orlando was intentional.
    1. A: More likely, Tom. During Lucy's introduction, files in her possession clearly stated that Tom Keen was her subject.
  11. Will the FBI place Pratt higher in importance on the wanted list since Red named her a Blacklister?
    1. A: They still have no evidence against her and she has a lot of influential contacts.
    2. Q: They will increase the investigations into her to find that evidence. Red revealed several of her cover occupations. This gives the FBI an opening for an investigation. In “Lie Detector (1954)”, the lie detector expert admits that some people can defeat the polygraph (lie detector) by using anti-lie detection techniques and controlling their body language. However, he states that they know who the thief is and the insurance investigator will find the evidence that can be used in court.
    3. A: Part of the purpose of the most wanted list is to reassure the public, another part is that it allows the FBI to utilize the public in their search for people. Madeline Pratt maintains a high public profile and is not associated (to the best of public knowledge) with any high profile crimes.
    4. Q: The FBI still has the option of starting a stronger investigation to find the evidence needed. Since Red named her a Blacklister, the motivation for a conviction is stronger.
  12. The relationship between Elizabeth Keen and Tom Keen could be seen as foreshadowing and/or paralleling the backstory of Donald Ressler and Audrey Bidwell. I am referring not to Lucy Brooks/Jolene, but the fact that Liz's career has overtaken their personal life since Red insists on using Liz for every Blacklist mission.
    1. A: Unlike Ressler and Audrey, Tom's behavior towards Liz form the last few episodes has been quite suspicious. He may be plotting to attack both her and Red. This is foreshadowing the truth in not only the identity of Liz's real father, but also both her and Tom's past. There are some parallels in the Keens strained relationship with Ressler and Audrey. Ressler's failed relationship with her, stemmed from the attempt of him catching Red and his involvement in the failed assassination attempt back in Brussels. Liz's strained with Tom not only comes from her job, but also from the suspicion that he's possibly living a double life. I also think Audrey's not as innocent as she looks and may string Ressler along before betraying him.
  13. Why did Red overact when rescuing Liz? Liz openly asked for his reason.
    1. A: Red was annoyed about being fooled by Madeline.
  14. Has Dembe assumed Newton Phillips's duties?
    1. A: Not likely, Red will replace Newton Phillips will a specialist. Whenever Red has needed something, he contacts a specialist, such as Russell (“The Cyprus Agency”). Dembe is his driver and bodyguard. While Dembe may be a temporary aide, Red will likely replace Newton Phillips with someone from his approved list.
    2. Q: Newton Phillips was never on Red's list. It contained people that Red was prepared to tell the DoJ about. The replacement for Luli Zeng would presumably come from the list.
  15. Will Harold Cooper ignore the orders given by Special Agent Walter Gary Martin and continue the investigation?

Slanders on the FBI and Syria[]

  1. Why had the FBI not heard the rumors about the location of the Kungar 6 list? The Mafia and Red's contact had heard the rumors.
    1. A: The mafia would make certain that their informants stayed silent. Red has shown that his syndicate and enemies on the The Blacklist are virtually unknown to the FBI.
  2. Why did the SWAT team not throw more stun grenades at the Russian mafia team at the Fort Totten firefight? The Russians quickly recovered and Rasil Kalif would gotten away if Donald Ressler had not delayed him. They should have used smoke grenades and tear gas.
    1. A: Stun grenades are not really effective in the open air.
  3. The FBI background check Elizabeth Keen is looking more and more suspect.
    1. A: The FBI faulty background check on Liz is going to put her in Meera's position soon and force her to choose to follow Cooper or ally with Red.
  4. The Syrian embassy security was sub-standard, Red and Liz were able to easily escape after the theft. This was the Syrian embassy, which should be very concerned with anti-government attacks.
  5. Nobody seems to care to see the Effigy returned to its rightful owners. It isn't even discussed as an option.
    1. A: Red insisted on the Effigy as payment for the Kungar 6 nuclear warheads. Cooper does not want the task force threatened with external political factors.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Fajer Al-Kaisi as Firas
  • Danny Boushebel as Bank Manager
  • Stan Demidoff as Ivan
  • Osh Ghanimah as Dirar Marwan
  • Dana Jacks as Female Attendant
  • Obaid Kadwani as Mansur Armed Guard
  • John Mondin as Trooper
  • Jonathan Raviv as Rasil Kalif
  • Keil Oakley Zepernick as Russian Thug


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