Madeline Pratt is a thief and con artist.


Outwardly, Madeline Pratt is a well-known and politically active socialite. Behind the facade, she forms relationships and affiliations with powerful, influential people and then uses those connections to commit multi-million dollar heists. Raymond Reddington credits her with the theft of 6,000,000 dollars' worth of diamonds from a De Beers outpost in Congo and a heist on a mint in Prague in which the security fibers used to print the Czech koruna were stolen and then used to print counterfeit banknotes. She had a previous romantic connection with Reddington, which he broke off.

Madeline PrattEdit

Posing as Red's widow, she stole documents belonging to him worth 10,000,000 dollars from a bank in Istanbul to gain his attention regarding the proposed theft of the Effigy of Atargatis (leaving the first note). She met with Elizabeth Keen, whom Red had said was a career thief. After using Red and Liz as a diversion to allow her to steal the Effigy of Atargatis, she sold it to the Russian mafia after removing the Kungar 6 list. Red tricked her into revealing the location of the nuclear warheads and allowed her to escape. Later she stole a painting from Red as revenge (leaving the second note).

T. Earl King VIEdit

She was “kidnapped” by the Kings to bait Red into infiltrating “The Palace” so he could be sold at their auction.


  • Madeline is the first Blacklister to be neither killed nor arrested by the conclusion of the episode. She is also the first Blacklister who has not committed murder or assisted in such actions as part of her criminal operations.


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