The Major is a black market spy trainer and member of The Blacklist.


The Major recruits young social exiles such as orphans, foster children and juvenile delinquents who have high intelligence and a very specific psychopathic personality profile. The people are trained to serve as deep cover infiltrators who can integrate with numerous social settings for various clients. Once an agent has been assigned, they are to only contact the Major if the situation is “mission critical” or if and when the assignment is complete. He recruited Tom Keen, then named Jacob Phelps, in 1994, when he was a foster child.

Season 2Edit

T. Earl King VIEdit

Tom asks The Major for a new mission.

The MajorEdit

Reddington initiates contact with the Major by having the task force abduct Mamat Krishnan, the Malaysian Deputy Minister to the United Nations. Samar and Ressler abduct Krishnan while he is jogging and take him to an abandoned building. Krishnan is left alone with Reddington, who knows he is one of the Major's agents, hired to serve as a drug cartel's inside man in the Malaysian government. Threatening to blow his cover, Reddington gets Krishnan to call the Major and set up a meeting. He then questions the Major on Tom Keen's location.

The Longevity InitiativeEdit

The Major picks up Tom while he is calling Liz and pretends to put him on a plane to London. En route, he reveals that he is planning to kill Tom for his failure in the Dresden mission. They are interrupted when members of Die Entrechteten ambush their car and take them captive. They interrogate Tom and the Major about why Tom infiltrated them. When they start threatening Elizabeth Keen, Tom explains that he was hired to find out which of the Germans killed a woman named Sarah Hastings. When the Germans start fearing that the death of Tom will invoke the wrath of the FBI, they hear Tom out and let him and the Major go. Later, the Major is seen making a phone call ordering the hunt for Tom, regardless of the cost.

Season 3Edit

Alistair PittEdit

Gina Zanetakos states that the Major is still hunting Tom.

Mr. SolomonEdit

He and Gina Zanetakos discover the location of where Tom Keen is at. After holding Tom Keen at gunpoint, he instructs him to sit down and have a discussion regarding Elizabeth Keen and other business between their agreement with each other. Minutes after Gina Zanetakos pulls her gun out, he is shot and killed by her, only for Tom to later dispose of his body in an unknown location.

Season 5Edit

Ian GarveyEdit

The Major is seen in a flashback.

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