Marko Jankowics” is the eight episode of Season 6 of The Blacklist and the hundred and ninteenth episode overall.


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When Liz and Jennifer search for a woman who may know a secret about Red's past, they find themselves in the cross-hairs of a ruthless smuggler, forcing Liz to ask an unexpected source for help. Meanwhile, Red mediates between two rival gangs in prison.

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  • 58

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Raymond Reddington
    1. Why has Red ignored the drug trade? Even if he refuses to deal in narcotics, he should maintain information on the trade.
    2. Why does Red refuse to sell drugs? He sells weaponry.
    3. Is Red a former KGB agent?
    4. Will Red be held responsible for the prison murder?
    5. Did Red order Dembe Zuma to murder Renard?
  2. Marko Jankowics
    1. Why did Marko use a plastic drug bladder that would break if fallen upon?
    2. Why did Marko want Alexandra Iver’s corpse?
    3. Why was Marko concerned that Marguerite Renard worked for Hans Koehler?
    4. What will happen to the corpses of Marko and his employees?
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why was Alexandra not taken to Keen’s apartment?
    2. How long can Keen keep her separate investigation a secret?
      1. A: Ressler began to suspect that she had a secret investigation involving the identity of the imposter posing as Red.

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Main starEdit

Guest starEdit


  • Allie Gallerani as Angela Chambers
  • Mike Boland as Warden Jim Macatee
  • Brandon Kalm as Russell Chambers
  • Yosef Kasnetzkov as Bodyguard #1
  • G-Rod as Matt Quill
  • Anthony Gaskins as Officer Haynes
  • Bob Celli as Surgeon
  • Mike Keller as Officer Michael Frye
  • Lou Sumrall as Anton Wyndham
  • Javier Molina as Vega Montero


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