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Mary Bremmer is a member of The Blacklist.


Mary Bremmer is a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of pathobiological sciences who was fired for ethical misconduct in 2002 when she questioned the chemical weapons ban, believing that if nuclear weapons are an acceptable means of deterrence to war, so should be chemical weapons. Following her termination, Mary found a way to monetize her skills by becoming a chemical weapons dealer and war criminal of some renown. She supplied the weaponry for the chlorine car bombing massacre in the Abu Sayda market in 2007 that killed 45 people and was also suspected to be involved somehow in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, killed in 2017 with the VX nerve agent in Malaysia. In 2013, while supplying sarin gas to the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, Mary and her convoy were intercepted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces and was ultimately overturned during the attack, which not only stopped her shipment, but also killed all but 1 member of her security detail and left Mary with severe burns to her face.

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Chemical Mary[]

The Cyranoid[]

Mary gives Elizabeth an introduction letter for Neville.




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