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August 11

Hello folks.

Please read this Although we have not been attacked it is important that you protect yourselves and be conscious of cyber security on public forums.


January 3

New Poll added on front page.

December 12

James Spader has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for the best actor in a TV Series (Drama) for his role in The Blacklist for the second year running.

August 25

Emmy Award.

The Blacklist won the Emmy for Stunt coordination for a drama series, miniseries or movie at the 2014 Emmy awards.

May 14

Must Watch Videos

“ Wikia has begun to load videos that are supposed to be of interest to us. These videos, labelled "Must Watch Videos," appear in the right-hand rail (column) of pages. Editors here are given this friendly warning. The videos may not really be there just because there's a thumbnail and the videos may come with an advertisement which can not be skipped. We admins have chatted and decided you deserve to be warned. In our opinion, the things are worthless but we can't do anything about them. My answer is to NEVER click on a "Must Watch Video." Wikia is almost certainly collecting metadata about how often they're watched. Let's see if we can make the answer "never." You can always watch a video uploaded by an editor whose username you recognize on a page or at Special:Videos."

Dec 11

New Poll added to the front page.

Nov 15

According to Spoiler TV the next episode has been preempted, and will air on 25th November. Source: here

Nov 11

The episode synopsis's are being used by Rotten Tomatoes.

Oct 17

Article talk pages enabled, comments disabled.

Oct 16

When posting photographs, please remember to add licensing information otherwise we will have to delete them.

Oct 15

Dragonfighter1 has adopted the wiki. If you have any suggestions for changes to the wiki please leave a message on my Message Wall.

We need pages about the actors, if anyone would like to create them. (I'll add the pictures if that's what's holding you back)

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