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Meera Malik was a protagonist in The Blacklist. An agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, Meera is brought onto the Raymond Reddington case at the request of Diane Fowler.


Meera joined the CIA in early 1998 and worked for much of her career as a non-official cover (NOC), stationed in New Delhi, India and various locations in the Punjab region of Pakistan and northern India. She also served in Goiás Brazil. In 2006 she worked closely with the Department of Justice in a still classified on-going operation relating to energy and non-proliferation.

In 2011 she resigned to spend more time with her family. She had a daughter and son, aged 8 and 5 respectively. She rejoined government service at the personal request of Assistant Attorney General Diane Fowler to work with Harold Cooper and the Raymond Reddington security detail.

Season 1[]

The Freelancer[]

She was Diane Fowler's personal choice as a member of the team managing Raymond Reddington's information. When Red first met her, he identified her immediately as a member of the CIA.

After Alban Veseli's capture she takes over the interrogation from Donald Ressler and explains that he is FBI while she is CIA. She braces his ankle between a chair and informs him that the compound fracture he suffered on his right leg will need medical attention soon.

When he refuses to answer her questions, she applies enhanced interrogation techniques. Her brutal technique is, however, highly effective, and the Freelancer reveals that it was Reddington who ordered the assassination of Floriana Campo.


Of the agents working with Red, Meera is the most passionate about proceeding with the operation to stop Wujing assassinating another agent.

When Ressler is eager to storm Wujing's bunker, she counsels caution, and is proved right when Henry Cho's name is received. She then informs the others about how he assisted the CIA. She goes with Ressler to try and save Henry. While Ressler is fighting with one of the assassins she finds Henry and his son, arriving in time to shoot the third assassin.

The Stewmaker[]

Meera tells Elizabeth Keen that Dembe Zuma is calling about Red wanting a meeting interupting Liz's discussion with Ressler about him accompanying her to court.

She interrogates Hector Lorca with Liz, but, as his lawyer is present, is unable to extract any information. She works with Ressler to identify the Stewmaker as Stanley R. Kornish. When the FBI storms the Kornish home, she questions Ellenore Kornish about her husband.

When she asks Red what he is doing at the cabin where Liz was being held, he responds by telling her that she has a pretty blouse.

The Courier[]

Elizabeth Keen and Meera are the ground unit on the stakeout of the Farmer's Market in the first attempt to capture The Courier, they trail Hamid Soroush. When Soroush is shot they pursue the Courier. She drives the car and crashes into the Courier's vehicle disabling it and forcing him to flee on foot. Along with Liz she captures him.

Due to the Courier's inability to feel pain, she and Donald Ressler are unable to force him to reveal Seth's location. When Ressler infiltrates Laurence Dechambou's club she is in the surveillance vehicle and calls in the support once she realizes that his cover has been blown.

Meera and Ressler hunt the Courier down to an isolated location and engage the criminal when he refuses to surrender quietly. They pursue him through the forest when he escapes the abandoned trailer house. They fire upon the Courier, when they move to check him, the Courier has died from the gunshot wounds.

Gina Zanetakos[]

She is assigned to interrogate Tom Keen, initially asking him about the gun.

She objects strongly to Liz's continuing involvement in the case, due to Tom being under suspicion.

When Tom tells her that he had an interview with William Burrows, headmaster of a local school, at the Angel Station Hotel, she visits Mr Burrows and determines that he did not know Tom. When she presents Tom with a picture of Mr Burrows he denies knowing or ever meeting the man in the picture.

She is present in the hospital when Gina Zanetakos says that she does not recognize Tom from his photograph.

Frederick Barnes[]

She checks with her CIA and NSA contacts regarding the subway attack, and because there was no communication chatter concludes that the attacker was home-grown.

She is present at the meeting where Raymond Reddington says that he has to visit a contact for information about the Strontium 90 used in the gas bomb.

After the second attack she says that the attacks have encompassed a diverse population and wonders if Barnes is conducting a demonstration or an experiment.

She accompanies Elizabeth Keen to the hospital and they discuss Barnes' motivation coming to the conclusion that he was searching for someone with a natural immunity to Kurz disease. They conclude that he will try to synthesise a cure and administer it to Ethan.

She tends to the injured Anne Forrester while Liz pursues Barnes.

General Ludd[]

Meera Malik was co-ordinating the search for suspects in the bombing of the cargo plane.

When Liz and Ressler return with the evidence from the Denning/Guard home she reports that all the fingerprints belonged to Nathaniel Wolff.

She calls Reagan airport and orders the lockdown after learning that Wolff has penetrated airport security.

When Liz and Ressler report that another alias is John Horlbeck, she researches the name and reports that he is an armoured car driver who works for a sub-contractor of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Because of the grounding of all commercial aircraft the Bureau will be transporting 500,000,000 dollars by road, that day.

Anslo Garrick[]

She was with Harold Cooper in the Post Office when Red was taken into protective custody. She told Red that her CIA contacts had confirmed the assassination threat.

She was captured along with Cooper and the other agents after the failed defense of the armoury.

Anslo Garrick: Conclusion[]

Meera works with Elizabeth Keen to locate Raymond Reddington. They conclude that an abandoned blacksite near to the communications hub used by Anslo Garrick and his men is probably where Red is being held. She goes on the raid along with Liz and Harold Cooper.

The Good Samaritan[]

Meera is interrogated like the rest of the team. She tells her interrogator that she has been trained to resist interrogation. She suggests enhanced interrogation techniques.

When Meera learns that Liz has heard from Red and not informed Harold Cooper she tells him at the first opportunity, which is when Cooper tells her that she has been cleared by the investigation.

Meera's contacts provide her with information about a money trail that leads to Aram Mojtabai which she hands to Cooper.

The Alchemist[]

When Elizabeth Keen informs the team that Raymond Reddington says the Madrcyzks are still alive she responds by saying that they have been confirmed as victims of an aircraft crash.

While staking out the restaurant she tells Liz and Donald Ressler that she has not seen the ghost they are supposed to be locating just before Pytor Madryczk enters.

Using the photograph Liz recovered from the dating website she identifies Eric Trettel as the person they are hunting and provides Liz and Ressler with the address for his wife and child.

When she returns to her apartment at the conclusion of the case, Red is waiting for her with a gun. He says that he trusts she knows why he is there, and she responds that he is there to kill her because she is the mole.

The Cyprus Agency[]

After being prepared by Teddy in a secluded room she is interrogated by Red about the leak of the Post Office schematics. She tells Red that she was acting under classified orders given to her by Harold Cooper to start a bidding process for a security upgrade. She tells Red that she does not know who issued the order, but if he lets her go she will find out. When asked why, she responds that friends of hers were killed in the raid, and she wants revenge.

When she returns to The Post Office, she tells Cooper that her child was unwell. Cooper tells her that the job comes first, second, and third. While Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler are briefing the rest of the team about the missing women she steals Coopers swipe card and access the classified file and downloads a copy.

She meets Red in a park that evening and hands him a copy of the orders, saying that the authorizing signature is on page 6. Red reads the name and says that their business is concluded.

Upon completion of operation, she is looking at the evidence wall pictures of the rescued women when Cooper approaches and tells her that he dislikes Red and hates working with him, but that without him they would not have achieved so much. Cooper then tells her to go home.

Madeline Pratt[]

Meera tells Cooper that she has had no contact with Diane Fowler.

Cooper tells Meera to investigate Red's recent actions concerning Fowler and Red's suspected role as her “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.

She informs Cooper of the type of nuclear warhead revealed to be the real “Kungar 6”.

The Judge[]

Mako Tanida[]

She is with Elizabeth Keen when they examine the underground hospital. Meera asks how Donald Ressler knew of its location.


She is seen in the search for Harrison Lee in the high school, and later tends to the injuries of Abby Fisher in the subway where Harrison Lee is later located in while Elizabeth Keen is chasing after Harrison Lee.

Milton Bobbit[]

She informs the task force of the number of bank accounts that are still paying out to the assassin's relatives. She states that it will be nearly impossible to trace the accounts to the contracters.

The Pavlovich Brothers[]

She surprises Donald Ressler by saying she knew about soup types.

The Kingmaker[]

She identifies the Kingmaker by using the information provided by Red to eliminate the impossible's and the highly improbables.


Berlin: Conclusion[]

After receiving a warning from Raymond Reddington that the entire task force is being targeted, Elizabeth Keen tries to call Donald Ressler and Malik, who are in the field, back to the Post Office, but can not reach them. Her throat is slit by an assassin presumably working for Milos Kirchoff at a club while investigating the plane crash.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Why is Meera Malik so focused on enhanced interrogation techniques? As a CIA agent she should know that interrogation techniques vary by the person being interrogated. Furthermore, real life evidence indicates and/or proves that verbal interrogation is more effective than relying on the infliction of pain.
  2. Why does she have a British accent?
    1. A: It is not British English. It is Indian English. She probably got it from her expatriate community in the U.S. and spending significant amounts of time in New Delhi.
    2. A: It's Parminder Nagra's native Leicester (UK) accent.
    3. A: When working outside the United States for the CIA, it is often advantageous not to have an American accent.
    4. A: She could have spent time in the United Kingdom and decided to use the accent.
  3. Now that Meera is revealed to be the double agent, what will Red do with her? Is he going to use her to spy on Alan Fitch?
    1. A: Red uses her to find the real mole. He will likely use her double dealing as a blackmail weapon in the future.
    2. A: In “Madeline Pratt”, Harold Cooper makes it clear that anyone involved in Fowler's disappearance will be held accountable. This gives Meera an incentive to ally with Red. Red will give Meera her freedom and may arrange for her to be promoted in exchange for her assistance in the future.
  4. What will her reaction be, when she discovers the fate of Diane Fowler?
    1. A: Kathryn Nemec will likely disguise the death as an accident. Meera will suspect that Red killed Fowler, but will stay silent since she initially expected Red to kill her.
    2. A: In “Madeline Pratt”, Cooper orders her to discover the truth. When Malik attempts to persuade him otherwise, Cooper states that Red will be held responsible for his rogue actions as the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”. This places Meera in a position where allying with Red offers a superior chance of saving her career.
  5. Why did Meera wait for the confrontation with Red to investigate the order for the schematics? She should have had the file ready to give Red when he confronted her.
    1. A: She was hoping to avoid the aftermath. Red forced her to investigate.
  6. What was Meera's reaction when Cooper ordered her to investigate into Fowler's disappearance?
    1. A: In “Madeline Pratt”, she attempted to end the investigation by stating Red's belief that Fowler was the mole. Cooper ordered her to continue since Red was not the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”. He later told Raymond Reddington that interfering with the FBI's command structure would result in severe retaliation.
    2. A: Being put into the position she's in and realizing the fact that Cooper is unwilling to drop the investigation into Fowler's death, Meera will ally herself with Red.
    3. A: Her actions toward Special Agent Walter Gary Martin could indicate her direction.
  7. What happened to Meera's children after she died?


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