Mitchell Hatley is a cleaner who solves problems for clients.



Season 4Edit

"Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion"Edit

Prescott is located so Reven Wright's corpse can be used to blackmail Laurel Hitchin. He returns in the end of the episode to see Laurel Hitchin dead in her house, killed by Donald Ressler who was waiting for him to arrive.

Season 5Edit

"Smokey Putnum"Edit

After Donald Ressler overreacts, Prescott learns Ressler's identity.

"Miss Rebecca Thrall"Edit

"The Informant"Edit

Ressler learns that Prescott's true name is Mitchell Hatley and decides to arrest him even though it means that Ressler himself will go to prison when Hatley exposes him. Hatley attempts to run, but is hit with a car door by Reddington. Though Hatley urges Ressler to kill him, Ressler places Hatley under arrest.

While being transported in a prison van, the van is attacked by Reddington. Once the drivers are safely away, Reddington sets the van on fire with Hatley inside, killing him. Hatley's files are recovered and used by the FBI to arrest his various clients. Reddington removes Ressler's file first and though Ressler attempts to confess to Harold Cooper, Harold rejects the confession until the task force's work is finished.


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