The Monarch Douglas Bank is an international bank and member of The Blacklist.


The Monarch Douglas Bank has offices in 63 countries, though their illegal activities are run from an office in Warsaw. They launder money for numerous criminal organizations, while keeping law enforcement unaware of their operations around the world.

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After being robbed, Raymond Reddington told Elizabeth Keen to investigate the bank since the theft had targeted the “Formula”/“Ledger”, records of illegal money laundering. In Poland, EVP Matthew Strickland claimed that 400,000 dollars had been stolen from the vault. The initial bank report had been wrong. After analyzing the surveillance footage, Keen and Donald Ressler realized that Kaja Tomczak had been the target of a kidnapping. After locating Tomczak, she revealed that her hyperthymesia (photographic memory) made her the bank's only recordkeeper and avoided the need for computer records. Ressler, Keen, and Tomczak escaped after the local FBI liasion was revealed as a double agent. Using Red's escape route to escape the police manhunt, Tomczak gave a "dying declaration": Gonzalez Cargo, account number 924386. Red intercepted them on the train and took Tomczak to his jet. Liz later recovered Tomczak and took her to the Post Office. There Tomczak gave Ressler the account numbers and client names. However, Reven Wright ordered a whitewash concerning the FBI's slush fund.


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