Mr. Gregory Devry” is the eleventh episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the fifty fifth episode overall.


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Liz tries to reclaim her life; Red helps the task force infiltrate an assembly of high-level criminals in hopes of apprehending the leaders of lethal crime syndicates.

Number on The BlacklistEdit

  • 95

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Shell Island is a reference to the shelf corporation and the shell corporation.
  2. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why has the social reaction to Keen been solely negative? Where are the pro-Keen anti-government demonstrations that could use Keen as a symbol of a corrupt government?
      1. A: She was an FBI agent and therefore, already an agent of “The Machine”, and since she did not disclose any information that would be helpful to enemies of the USA the opposition would not support her.
      2. Q: Even despised people have supporters. The anti-government groups should be saying that Keen is the victim of a shadow government that controls the official government.
    2. The social reactions to Keen have limited her options to Red and Tom for support.
    3. Why are people treating Keen as guilty after Laurel declared her innocent? Is the Cabal spreading rumors so that Keen can be re-accused in the future?
      1. A: Even though she was mostly exonerated and signed the plea bargain, she was guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
      2. A: People accused of dire crimes are often treated with suspicion and detested, even after being exonerated. In Keen's case, she was only partially exonerated, since she admitted to the killing of Thomas Connolly.
    4. Was Keen assaulted because she killed Thomas Connolly or the man refused to believe Laurel Hitchin?
    5. Why did the real estate agent not recognize Keen?
    6. Will Keen change her hair color?
      1. A: She dyes it back to her original color after the case involving “The Vehm”.
    7. What happened to Keen's house?
      1. A: It was sold after the marriage was annulled.
    8. Why was Keen trying to adopt if she was able to get pregnant?
      1. A: Keen stated in Season 1 that she wanted to adopt because she was an orphan.
    9. Why has Keen been taken off field assignments? Red is allowed to go into the field.
      1. A: Red is allowed in the field to keep up his appearance as a criminal, besides the fact that he goes into the field with or without permission. Liz doesn't really have a reason to go out in the field, unless Red needs her. Also, by the end we find out that she is pregnant making it more unlikely she will be in the field.
  3. Raymond Reddington
    1. Why does the Post Office “sicken” Red?
      1. A: Maybe because it's where Luli Zeng was killed and/or Keen detained.
    2. What was the karaoke incident?
    3. Was Marcus Caligiuri/Caliguiri chosen as the target because he was Red’s primary enemy?
    4. How did Red know Janet MacNamara’s location?
    5. Why did Red confess to Marcus Caligiuri/Caliguiri? Somebody might have heard him.
      1. A: To gloat.
    6. Why is Red opposed to Tom Keen being near Keen?
      1. A: Originally, Tom's relationship with Liz was supposed to be business. Later he betrayed Red and worked for Berlin and married her without Red's blessing.
    7. Why were Red’s naval records not useful for identification?
      1. A: It was not until 2002 (after Gulf War 1) that the US military started to collect DNA records, Red left the military in the 1990's.
    8. What will be the aftermath of Red’s deception? The FBI will know that they were used.
      1. A: Red is more valuable to the FBI as an anonymous informant. Being used to help clear any suspicions against Red is a win-win for both sides and shouldn't result in any backlash.
    9. How did Red know that the transmitters would be placed in the cufflinks?
      1. A: He doesn't wear cufflinks, and he had Gregory dress as him.
      2. Q: The FBI could have chosen to use the wristwatch or a modified wire.
      3. A: As far as we know, the only detection proof transmitters were made in the form of cufflinks. Also, watches were removed by security.
    10. How did Red know that Tom wants to re-marry Keen?
      1. A: It's possible he guessed at his intentions. Liz told Red that Tom wanted to run away together.
  4. Gregory Devry
    1. Was the name Devry a reference to the DeVry Education Group and DeVry University?
    2. Why did Devry steal only from criminals?
    3. Was Devry a real blacklister?
      1. A: The title suggests that he was, however it does seem like Marcus Caligiuri/Caliguiri was the actual target. Red did give the Shell Island Retreat to Liz as a case and not Devry.
      2. A: However, other members of the Shell Island Retreat members (Floriana Campo and Hector Lorca) have been secondary targets for Red and not blacklisters.
    4. What was the reason Red gave for the Shell Island Retreat meeting?
      1. A: To expose the traitor.
    5. The exposure of the syndicate leaders will give Red more power in the black market. The FBI now knows of the Shell Island Retreat meetings.
    6. How many of the Shell Island Retreat guests believed Red’s deception? Once more Blacklisters are arrested, Red will have to find another criminal to blame.
    7. Why did Red need the Shell Island Retreat guests to confirm that Marcus Caligiuri/Caliguiri was the double agent?
      1. A: Red wanted them to think that Marcus was the informant and not himself.
    8. How many other criminals have realized that a powerful criminal has been informing on the black market?
    9. Why did the Shell Island Retreat guests need to be allowed to escape? If the FBI had arrested them without Red being there, then they would not have known who informed the FBI.
      1. A: They are now in debt to Red. They could help him in his fight with the Cabal.
      2. Q: Some may still blame Red since he was on the news and drew more attention to the black market.
      3. A: Red said the Shell Island Retreat members would spread the word that Red was not the informant.
    10. Why did Marcus Caligiuri/Caliguiri use the term “so called” black marketers?
      1. A: It was a term used by the government, not the criminals.
  5. Cabal
    1. The Cabal resembles the fictional Hydra organization.
    2. Why has the Cabal not assassinated Red?
      1. A: Red is now working with them.
    3. Why would the Cabal believe that Keen knows any of Katarina Rostova’s secrets?
    4. Was Katarina Rostova a member of the Cabal?
      1. A: Yes she was as revealed in “Minister D”.
  6. Donald Ressler
    1. Ressler went through emotional extremes concerning the individual and the mission.
  7. Samar Navabi
    1. Has Samar officially rejoined the task force or is she there because of Red's influence?
  8. Cleaning crew
    1. Was it a real cleaning crew? They had maid uniforms.
      1. A: They could be, but they could have been in disguise.
    2. Who ordered the cleaning crew executions?
      1. A: Marcus.
    3. What was Kathryn Nemec cleaning up?
  9. Janet MacNamara
    1. Who ordered the kidnapping of Janet?
      1. A: Marcus had Janet kidnapped.
    2. Why has Janet become a liability to Red?
      1. A: She leaked the fact that Red was an informant.
      2. Q: Devry, and therefore Red, knew about the kidnapping plan.
    3. Why did Janet refuse to believe the threat?
    4. Why did Janet run after Ressler told everybody to stay out of the hallway?

Slanders on the FBIEdit

  1. Why has Keen been losing her fights?
    1. A: The publicity surrounding her escape and flight has highlighted the fact that she is a field agent, not an office worker.
    2. Q: As a field agent, Keen should be trained in hand-to-hand combat.
  2. Why did the FBI not surround the entire building?
  3. Why was Janet not trained sufficiently to know that in that type of situation she should remain with the field agents?


Main starEdit

Guest starEdit

  • Jake Weber as Gregory Devry
  • Susan Blommaert as Kathryn Nemec
  • Vincenzo Amato as Marcus Caligiuri
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake as Janet MacNamara
  • Lisa Tharps as Barbara


  • Kristian Nekrasov as Dmitri Sarkovski
  • Steven Crossley as Espen Van Der Merwe
  • Benjamin Eakeley as ER Doctor
  • Maxwell Scott as Howard Jasnoch
  • Robert Berlin as Armed Man
  • Kresh Novakovic as Winged Man
  • Bradley Icart as Tyler
  • Akira Takayama as Hideo Ibuki
  • Cliff Samara as Crime Lord #1
  • Sujata Eyrick as Crime Lord #2
  • Leajato Robinson as Crime Lord #3
  • Krystel Lucas as Receptionist
  • Vesselin “Vinnie” Todorov as Ordinary Man


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