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Nasim Bakhash is a member of The Blacklist who facilitated revenge fantasies.


Born male, Nasir Bakhash was the eldest son of Bahram Bakhash, the owner and CEO of a New York-based holding company, Azeri Financial. When Nasir came out as gay at the age of 19, Bahram, unable to accept it, forced him to undergo a sex change to make his attraction to men more acceptable and change his name to the feminine Nasim. Even after he went through all that suffering, Nasim was still effectively disinherited by his father and began his own business as “the Djinn” (named after a genie-like spirit from Islamic mythology).

Using a network of operatives, he helped high-paying clients live out their own personal revenge fantasies, arranging for the object of their rage to be kidnapped and taken to a private location where the clients could make them suffer any way they saw fit. Along the way, he took advantage of the crimes he assisted in to damage Azeri Financial as part of his own revenge plan against his father. Reddington credited Nasim with facilitating the kidnapping and rape of a British princess and the kidnapping of a big game hunter who was locked in a cage with a lion and mauled to death.

Season 3[]

The Djinn[]

In the start of the episode, Nasim allows a man whose son died because of a drug addiction to take revenge on the dealer who supplied them, having him strapped to a table and allowing the father to vivisect and cannibalize him while he is alive and conscious.


  • Nasim Bakhash and Milton Bobbit operated in the same way. They worked as contract killers until they saved enough money to fulfill their personal contracts. In both cases Reddington was interested in their client list.

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