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Natalie Luca is a member of The Blacklist.


Born in rural Moldova into a family of nine, Natalie lost her entire family in 2002 when they contracted Luschen's disease, an extremely deadly and infectious form of viral meningitis. Natalie, who was an asymptomatic carrier who never suffered any of the disease's symptoms, was then rescued by the World Health Organization and handed to the American company Hawthorne Biologics, who quarantined her at a facility in Alexandria to study her further. At the facility, at which she spent 13 years, she met and fell in love with Malik Roumain, a bio research technician. After he discovered that Hawthorne's weapons division, Whitehall, were trying to weaponize her condition, she signed herself out of the clinic. Roumain started working on a way to infect himself with the same Luschen's disease as Natalie and replicate her immunity so they could be physically intimate. As part of this plan, Natalie started using her disease to kill people who stood in the way of this plan, infecting them just by touching them.

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