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The New Martyrs Brigade is an international terrorist organization.


The New Martyrs Brigade is an Islamic terrorist organization based in Libya. Their network exists in several nation-states in the region. Their primary target is Israel, and the New Martyrs launched over 1200 rockets against Israel since the installation of the Iron Dome air defense system. They have committed attacks in 17 different nations. They are ranked number 6 on the Group Threat Index.

Lipet's Seafood Company[]

The New Martyrs Brigade hires Blackthorne Kincaid to develop a new missile guidance system that can get them past the Iron Dome. However, their actions are found out by Mossad and a strike team led by Samar Navabi launches an attack on their American base, wiping out the New Martyrs Brigade team and recovering the device. In response, the New Martyrs Brigade sends 6 of their agents to recover the system and come up against both the Task Force and Mossad. The agents are able to kidnap Samar and force Levi Shur to trade the system for her, using a drone to carry the system from a park to a nearby roof. However, FBI agents are sent to intercept their van and capture their man in the park while Aram Mojtabai manages to track the drone to where the lead New Martyrs Brigade agent, Farook, was controlling it. In a fight with Agent Donald Ressler, Farook is pushed under the wheels of a passing vehicle and killed. Ressler is able to recover the guidance system, foiling the New Martyrs Brigade plot.


  • Al-Hambri
  • Farook Al-Thani
  • Hassan Arkani


  • Andrew Wyatt
  • Atwell (Blackthorne Kincaid)
  • Deavers (Blackthorne Kincaid)


  • Lipet’s Seafood Company


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