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Nik Korpal was an employee of Red, and Liz's ex-boyfriend.


Season 2[]

Leonard Caul[]

Nik is contacted by Liz to save Red’s life. Over the phone, she pleads with him, telling him that a man’s life is at stake, although she does not tell him who. He arrives at the warehouse where they have moved Red and begins to perform the rest of the surgery to remove the bullet and fix Red’s lung. He tells Liz and Tom he was able to re-inflate Red’s right lung, as it was nicked by the bullet. Nik tells Liz that the bullet has a percussion cap, which causes it to explode. The bullet hasn’t exploded yet, but it might as he tried to remove it. Liz asks him if he can do it. Nik tells Liz that he had to work his way through med school. He says “I busted my hump and I’m still 376,422 dollars in debt. Can I do it? Absolutely. For 376,422 dollars.” He tells Liz he knows who Reddington is. Kathryn Nemec offers him 500,000 dollars in laundered cash.

Season 3[]


When Tom was brought into the hospital Nik works at, Nik calls Liz to let her know of his condition.

Mr. Solomon: Conclusion[]

Cape May[]

Red interrogates Nik, asking him what happened that led to Liz's death. Nik recounts the steps and says he does not want to die. Red says ”everyone dies someday”.

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion[]

Season 5[]

Greyson Blaise[]

Tom enlists Nik to identify the bones in the suitcase.

Miss Rebecca Thrall[]

The Endling[]

Nik was strangled to death at the end of the episode.


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