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Niko Demakis was a character in NBC's The Blacklist


He was one of Raymond Reddington's business partners in his syndicate.

Season 1[]

The Kingmaker[]

He tells Red that members of the syndicate are wavering in their support. Other black market contacts are considering breaking all contact. Red states that he will survive Milos Kirchoff and any disloyalty will suffer severe retaliation.

Season 2[]

Dr. James Covington[]

He objects to Reddington's plans for a takeover of the Port of Tankulu in Indonesia while Milos Kirchoff is active. He later tries to convince Laskin and Russo, two of Red's other operatives, that Red is acting recklessly and needs to be stopped. He tells Vargas that he will side with Milos Kirchoff. However, the price is that Red is assassinated within the day and that he wishes to witness the killing. Later, Demakis, aided by Vargas and the others, corners Reddington and admits to defecting to Kirchoff's syndicate. At that point, Reddington reveals that it was all a ruse to get Demakis to reveal his true intentions and that Vargas and the others are still loyal to him. He also explains that the Deputy Minister of Transport of Indonesia, who had objected to employing Reddington's company, has died, but his replacement is loyal to Red. After sharing a story about a summer job, with a carpet store, he took that gave him a solid lesson about the value of loyalty, Reddington shoots Demakis, killing him.

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