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Nirah Ahmad was a member of The Blacklist.


In 2008, Nirah gave birth to a son named Shahir, who, like her, possessed a special blood type called “golden blood”, that served as a universal donor for all rare blood types. In 2010, Nirah gave her son up for adoption to an American couple in order to take him away from Syria before the beginning of the civil war, while she enlisted in the Free Syrian Army to fight Bashar Al Assad. Nirah served as an active member of the rebel group until 2014, when she learned that Shahir, now named Ethan Isaacs, had a serious heart condition and was dying, with almost no hope of a transplant to save his life, because of his rare blood type. Desperate to save her son, Nirah left the Free Syrian Army and become a highly skilled mercenary to finance Shahir´s medical treatment. As a mercenary, Nirah specialized in operations to destroy some of the world´s rarest and most valuable treasures, leaving only 1 of its kind left, therefore creating an ”endling”, that would be in possession of her clients. Because of this, Nirah was dubbed ”The Endling” by Raymond Reddington. Nirah searched for other ”golden blood” individuals and kidnapped them to serve as potential donors for Shahir. Nirah was responsible for a rocket propelled grenade attack in 2015 that took down a private plane carrying 1 of the only 2 known statues of the Sumerian goddess Inanna in Baghdad, leaving the only other statue in private hands and killing 4 crew members in the process, and for the raid of a nursery in Turkey that was cultivating an unique brand of drought resistent barley in 2016, killing 3 botanists, stealing the genetic profile used to create the seed, and destroying all but one of the samples, which gave the new owner a virtual monopoly over the next harvest.

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  • Nirah Ahmad and James Covington became criminals to save the life/lives of children.


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