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Norman Devane was a member of The Blacklist.


Norman Devane was a notorious war criminal and contract assassin who specialized in the development and deploying of biological weapons and weaponized diseases. Norman first gained notoriety for developing Libya´s Biological Weapons Program. After his work in Libya, Norman went on to work for the Syrian Government and helped Bashar Al Assad gas his own people. Norman also had another career as a contract assassin, using his weaponized diseases to kill his targets by natural causes, therefore no one suspected that those people were actually murdered. Norman assassinated a shipping magnate by giving him liver cancer, a United States senator who died of a drug resistent pneumonia, and a federal judge that died of a deadly stroke. During his time working for the Syrian government, Norman´s lab in Damascus was hit by a drone strike. At the hospital recovering from his injuries, Norman caught a drug resistant infection that nearly killed him. This event led Norman to become a germophobic highly concerned with his own health.

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