Olivia Olson is a member of The Blacklist.


Not much is known about Olivia's previous life, except for the fact that her name is not Olivia Olson and nobody knows her true identity. She used to be a Wall Street analyst who made a fortune doing quantitative risk analysis for private equity firms. After the 2008 financial meltdown, Olivia re-emerged as a black market corporate raider that specialized in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations. For 1,000,000 - 90,000,000 dollars, Olson would help criminals to expand their business across 4 continents, identifying vulnerable rival criminal operations and mapping their weaknesses using heat maps, which she would then exploit to destroy the competitor criminal organization or force its acquisition by her client. Among Olson's clients are a real estate developer in Boston, a crime lord in Mumbai, and Ukrainian oligarchs. When the U.S Government was trying to pass the NAFTA Renegotiation Treaty through Congress, they realized they were 1 vote short of approval, so Anna McMahon contacted Olivia to get the missing vote, which she managed to deliver.

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