These are the organizations seen in the series that have a story arc.

Post Office Task ForceEdit

United States Department of JusticeEdit

  • Anna McMahon (Assistant United States Attorney General, Deputy United States Attorney General)
  • Brad Marking (Assistant United States Attorney)
  • Diane Fowler (Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division)
  • Gerald Walker (Assistant United States Attorney)
  • Lindsay Drucker (Assistant United States Attorney)
  • Michael Sima (Assistant United States Attorney)
  • Reven Wright (Deputy Attorney General, Criminal Division, Justice Division)
  • Richard Denner (Superior Court Judge, Associate Justice)
  • Roberta Wilkins (Superior Court Judge, Associate Justice)
  • Thomas Connolly (Assistant Attorney General, Attorney General)

Federal Bureau of InvestigationEdit

National IntelligenceEdit

  • Alan Fitch (Assistant Director of National Intelligence)

National Clandestine ServiceEdit

Central Intelligence AgencyEdit

  • Leon Cox (Director of Operations of the Central Intelligence Agency)
  • Meera Malik (field agent of the Central Intelligence Agency)

National Security AgencyEdit

National Security AdvisorEdit


United States Marshals ServiceEdit

United States Secret ServiceEdit



Cabal Employed ActiveEdit

Cabal Employed IncarceratedEdit

Cabal Employed CapturedEdit

Cabal Employed DeceasedEdit

Cabal Hired ActiveEdit

Cabal Hired IncarceratedEdit

Cabal Hired CapturedEdit

Cabal Hired DeceasedEdit

Cabal Former ActiveEdit

Cabal Former IncarceratedEdit

Cabal Former CapturedEdit

Cabal Former DeceasedEdit

Artax NetworkEdit

Artax Employed ActiveEdit

Artax Employed IncarceratedEdit

Artax Employed CapturedEdit

Artax Employed DeceasedEdit

  • Asa Jacobi

Artax Hired ActiveEdit

Artax Hired IncarceratedEdit

Artax Hired CapturedEdit

Artax Hired DeceasedEdit

Artax Former ActiveEdit

Artax Former IncarceratedEdit

Artax Former CapturedEdit

Artax Former DeceasedEdit

Raymond Reddington’s syndicateEdit

Reddington Employed ActiveEdit

Reddington Employed IncarceratedEdit

Reddington Employed CapturedEdit

Reddington Employed DeceasedEdit

Reddington Hired ActiveEdit

Reddington Hired IncarceratedEdit

Reddington Hired CapturedEdit

Reddington Hired DeceasedEdit

Reddington Former ActiveEdit

  • Emma Knightly

Reddington Former IncarceratedEdit

Reddington Former CapturedEdit

Reddington Former DeceasedEdit

Katarina Rostova’s syndicateEdit

Rostova Employed ActiveEdit

Rostova Employed IncarceratedEdit

Rostova Employed CapturedEdit

Rostova Employed DeceasedEdit

Rostova Hired ActiveEdit

Rostova Hired IncarceratedEdit

Rostova Hired CapturedEdit

Rostova Hired DeceasedEdit

Rostova Former ActiveEdit

Rostova Former IncarceratedEdit

Rostova Former CapturedEdit

Rostova Former DeceasedEdit

Constantin Rostov’s syndicateEdit

Rostov Employed ActiveEdit

Rostov Employed IncarceratedEdit

Rostov Employed CapturedEdit

Rostov Employed DeceasedEdit

  • Alvaro

Rostov Hired ActiveEdit

Rostov Hired IncarceratedEdit

Rostov Hired CapturedEdit

Rostov Hired DeceasedEdit

Rostov Former ActiveEdit

Rostov Former IncarceratedEdit

Rostov Former CapturedEdit

Rostov Former DeceasedEdit

Milos Kirchoff’s syndicateEdit

Kirchoff Employed ActiveEdit

Kirchoff Employed IncarceratedEdit

Kirchoff Employed CapturedEdit

Kirchoff Employed DeceasedEdit

Kirchoff Hired ActiveEdit

Kirchoff Hired IncarceratedEdit

Kirchoff Hired CapturedEdit

Kirchoff Hired DeceasedEdit

Kirchoff Former ActiveEdit

Kirchoff Former IncarceratedEdit

Kirchoff Former CapturedEdit

Kirchoff Former DeceasedEdit

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