The Orion Relocation Services is a member of The Blacklist.


Orion Relocation Services is a criminal organization that gives criminals, such as assassins and traitors, new identities and relocates them to some other place, so they can maintain their criminal activities undetected. Known to the black market as a criminal witness protection program, Orion operates by killing innocent people with little or no family and/or friends who were looking to move and then giving their identities to its criminal clients, all while posing as a legitimate moving company. By the time the FBI gained access to their files, Orion had provided moving and relocation services to at least 792 clients, though it is unknown if all of them were criminals.

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Orion Relocation ServicesEdit

They had a minimum of 792 clients.


  • 1 unnamed man
  • 1 unnamed man
  • Bisset
  • Numerous others


  • Same number


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