The Osterman Umbrella Company is an international syndicate of contract assassins and a member of The Blacklist.


The Osterman Company is an organization of highly trained assassins that has existed since the Cold War. They are hired by goverment intelligence agencies to eliminate their own agents and operatives who are deemed traitors or compromised in some way. That way, the agencies do not risk damaging their morale or straining the loyalty of its officers by killing their own employees. The Osterman Company operates through a network of operatives spread all around the world and execute most of their contracts on foreign soil. Raymond Reddington has credited the Osterman Commpany for the assassinations of at least 1 FSB agent and 1 MI6 operative. In the past, when Katarina Rostova betrayed the KGB for the Cabal, the KGB hired the Osterman Company to kill Katarina.

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  • Constantina
  • Global Systems Imports
  • Hobbs
  • Unknown assassin


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