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Patricia Sue Edwards was a decorated United States army captain and biochemist that worked with the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the army branch that dealt with the development and stocking of biological weapons. However, her career was turned upside down in 2017 when her husband lieutenant commander Dennis Edwards, a Navy SEAL with an exemplar record stationed in Syria was framed by his SEAL companions for attempting to steal a truck filled with confiscated opioids and then killed to cover the crime. As a result of those events, Patricia was investigated for collusion with her husband's staged criminal activities, lost her security clearance and was eventully forced to resign from the military. After that, Patricia went underground, and believing in her husband's innocence, she started to search the black market and contacted a South African weapons trafficker to acquire a deadly plague with contagion potential, that she would use for a massive biological attack as part of her plan to avenge her husband's death.

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