Peter Kotsiopulos was the leader of the Cabal.


Almost nothing is known about Kotsiopulos; his name wasn't even revealed until “The Troll Farmer”. What is known is that he is the director of the National Clandestine Service, the CIA component that deals with covert operations. This is why he is usually referred to simply as “the Director”. He is also a high-ranking member of the Cabal, the criminal syndicate that Alan Fitch belonged to. However, he has far less respect for Reddington than Fitch had and is certain that Reddington is bluffing about having the Fulcrum. He seems to represent the more radical side of the Cabal, one far more ruthless than the rest of the organization.

Peter was among the very few who knew that Raymond Reddington is not the real Raymond Reddington, but an imposter who took over his identity over 30 years ago and he seems to know his connection to Elizabeth Keen.

Season 2Edit

Luther BraxtonEdit

He arrives with Kat Goodson at the Post Office after Luther Todd Braxton takes over The Factory and informs them who Braxton is and why the facility is so vital to them.

Kotsiopulos later meets with other members of his syndicate and suggests that Reddington doesn't really have the Fulcrum, though his fellow members are still wary. In spite of it, they agree to sink The Factory into the sea to eliminate Reddington; since its existence is a secret from the American public, nobody will find out. Kotsiopulos meets with Goodson and orders her to call in an airstrike on the facility, ostensibly to contain the breach of intelligence.

Luther Braxton: ConclusionEdit

After killing Braxton, Reddington breaks into Kotsiopulos's home and hangs up the body inside accuses him of hiring Braxton to steal the Fulcrum. As they talk, Kotsiopulos makes it clear that he doesn't consider Reddington a real threat and believes that he is bluffing about having the Fulcrum. Reddington dares him to call his bluff and leaves.

Vanessa CruzEdit

Kotsiopulos hires a hit man to kill Red. The hit man is partially successful and shoots Red's lung, however Red survives. He also has ordered the death of 2 other Cabal members that were presumed to be a liability to him.

Leonard CaulEdit

While his assassins are dealing with Red and his syndicate, Elizabeth Keen confronts Kotsiopulos in the middle of a meeting at the CIA and shows him that Red did have the Fulcrum. Kotsiopulos recalls the strike force, but tells Liz she is now a target. He also tells Liz that she looks a lot like her mother; how he knows this is currently unknown. Later on, Kotsiopulos recruits Thomas Connolly into his syndicate.

Quon ZhangEdit

Reddington gives some of Kenneth Jasper's body parts to Peter Kotsiopulos in the episode to him, piece by piece.

Tom ConnollyEdit

In his last scene of the season, Kotsiopulos opens a newspaper and reads an article about documents indicating the existence of a “shadow government”, which could be referring to the Cabal.

Season 3Edit

The Troll FarmerEdit

The episode reveals the Director's name to be Peter Kotsiopulos. Kotsiopulos meets with Matias Solomon, a Cabal member who is angry that their organization was exposed. He warns Peter that the Cabal has grown unsatisfied with his performance and that he must deal with Red soon or the Cabal will come for him

Arioch CainEdit

Kotsiopulos is assigned to the task force after testifying at Laurel Hitchin’s presidential commission.

Sir Crispin CrandallEdit

Solomon visits Kotsiopulos again to warn him of his endangered position in the Cabal. In turn, he calls Solomon out for trying to take control of the Cabal and forces his cooperation. Red steals the money Kotsiopulos has embezzled from the Cabal. When Peter refuses to exonerate Keen and calls off his bluff again, Red reveals his knowledge of Kotsiopulos' embezzlement against the Cabal. He warns Peter that his continued resistance will eventually turn the Cabal against him and that he will be assassinated, should they learn of his embezzlement against them.

The DirectorEdit

The Director: ConclusionEdit

Having effectively isolated Kotsiopulos, Red, the task force and Marvin Gerard team up together to bring him down. As Kotsiopulos schemes with Laurel Hitchin to assassinate Liz before she can testify, he gets a call about his wife having a panic attack and rushes to the psychiatrist's office. Unknown to him, this is a trap set by Red's team and he is captured. He is then taken aboard a Venezuelan plane where Red reveals he plans to have the Venezuelans turn him over to the Hague to be tried for war crimes as an American representative. As Kotsiopulos is a high ranking CIA official, this would cause the government international humilation. Red then contacts Laurel and demands that she publically exonerate Liz to prevent this. Laurel reluctantly agrees and strikes a deal through Marvin Gerard where Liz is exonerated of all but the Thomas Connolly murder. As Liz murdered the man and did so in front of witnesses, she can not be fully cleared of that charge and Laurel states she'll take her chances with Kotsiopulos and the Hague if he refuses. Her offer is for Liz to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Connolly's murder and will serve 3 years probation though it will keep her from becoming an agent again. On Gerard's recommendation, Red and Liz reluctantly agree to the deal. Laurel asks Red to deal with Kotsiopulos in exchange as the Cabal now sees him as a liability which Red agrees to. They watch a news report in which Laurel exonerates Liz, but implicates Kotsiopulos in his role in the Cabal, stating that he has fled the country. Kotsiopulos tells Red he knows who Red really is and his relationship to Liz, but Red is unconcerned. As the plane descends, Red throws Kotsiopulos from the plane and he crashes through a house's roof, killing him. The shocked family see his face on the news and realize who just fell to his death.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Is Kotsiopulos in fact Reddington's original enemy, the reason Reddington started working with the FBI, or is Kotsiopulos a new opposition to Reddington?
    1. A: New opposition to Red. Red's adversary has yet to be revealed.
    2. Q: Wasn't Red's adversary Berlin? He used the Blacklist in Season 1 to draw him out but in the end Fitch died and the Cabal came after him.
  2. Peter Kotsiopulos's move to call Red on his supposed bluff has put the Cabal at risk of being exposed, is he acting on the will of the Cabal?
    1. A: Kotsiopulos calling off Red's bluff put him at risk back in Leonard Caul when Keen confronted him with evidence that Red had the Fulcrum. This was intensified in both “Tom Connolly” and in “The Troll Farmer”, with investigative reporters exposed the Cabal.
  3. What is his connection to Liz?
    1. A: He knew her mother, Katarina Rostova.
  4. How much power does Kotsiopulos actually have? Since he works in the National Clandestine Service, a sub division of the CIA, does he have superiors that have control over him?
    1. A: Perhaps he has blackmail files.
  5. Kotsiopulos's position has become shaky based on Red's actions. Is he at risk of following the storyline of Alan Fitch?
    1. A: It could be worse for Kotsiopulous, especially when Matias Solomon made it clear the Cabal is unsatisfied with his performance and told him that he needs to stop Red soon or the Cabal will finish him off.


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