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The front entrance to the Post Office


The Post Office used to be the Metro sorting facility, operated by the United States Postal Service. 12 years prior to Reddington surrendering himself, it was abandoned and slate for demolition. The site was acquired post-9/11 as a black site operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of conducting covert operations and investigations. According to Thomas Connolly, by working with Reddington, the Task Force has accomplished more than any other FBI division.

Post Office Federal Bureau of Investigation Task Force[]

Current FBI Agent[]

Current FBI Liasion[]

Current FBI Informant[]

Past FBI Agent[]

Past FBI Liasion[]

  • Anna McMahon (Assistant United States Attorney General, Deputy United States Attorney General)
  • Diane Fowler (United States Assistant Attorney General)
  • Laurel Hitchin (Assistant Secretary of State, National Security Advisor)
  • Reven Wright (United States Deputy Attorney General)

Past FBI Other[]

United States Department of Justice Liaison[]

  • All are murdered by another character
  • All are swayed by political factors and publicity
  • All are women
  • All abandon the Task Force after the political stakes increase
  • All show shaky loyalty to the Task Force


The facility is occupied by the task force working with Red to bring down targets on the The Blacklist. The entire facility is guarded by the FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWAT), Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), and FBI Police. There are a great number of special agents, analysts, and crime scene investigators in the Post Office providing support teams.

Season 1[]

The first being when the FBI detains Tom Keen on suspicion of being a foreign agent, due to a collection of multiple passports and a gun linked to the killing of a Russian defector being found hidden in the Keen home. During this time, Liz is forced to track down Gina Zanetakos to prove her husband's guilt or innocence, while the FBI tries to deal with the possible breach, as this placed Elizabeth Keen under heavy suspicion. It was later implied that the guns and passports were planted by Reddington and Tom was innocent.

The other incident was when Anslo Garrick had taken over the blacksite in an attempt to ex-filtrate (extract) Reddington. Anslo Garrick, mostly likely due to a leak, determined the location of the Post Office. He then managed to set a trap and get the FBI to bring Red into the blacksite, right before infiltrating the facility with his mercenaries. Most, if not all, of the SWAT guards were killed by Anslo's mercenaries and all other employees were taken hostage during this takeover. In an attempt to get Red to come out of the bulletproof box he was barricaded in, Anslo Garrick killed Luli Zeng to show what will happen to everyone else if he does not surrender himself.

Nearly all of Garrick's mercenaries were killed during the FBI rescue operation.

Following the Anslo Garrick incident, Diane Fowler decided to disband the task force and declare the blacksite defunct due to the suspicion that someone had leaked the location and internal schematics of the Post Office to Anslo Garrick and there was a mole inside the task force. She quickly changed her mind when she realized that the people who abducted Red were shadowing her as well.

Raymond Reddington refused to re-enter the Post Office until he was satisfied that the mole had been eliminated. Through his own resources Red discovered that his own aide, Newton Phillips, had been involved the attack. With the assistance of Meera Malik, Red proved, to his own satisfaction, that Diane Fowler was the other mole. After Red shot her dead and arranged for Kathryn Nemec to dispose of the body he returned to the Post Office. However, he demanded that he be allowed to vet the risk assessment of many of the people who worked there.

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