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Quon Zhang is a Chinese smuggler and member of the Blacklist.


Zhang's older brother died an unmarried man at the age of 27. Four months after the brother's death, Zhang's father lost his job at the factory he had been working at for over 30 years when it shut down. Later, he and Zhang's mother both died when their home burned down. Zhang himself suffered massive burns, scarring his neck. Before she passed on, Zhang's mother told him that their misfortunes were the result of his brother lashing out at them from beyond the grave, angry over having died unmarried. In an attempt to “appease” his brother, Zhang took the body of a young local woman and buried her next to his brother to be his bride in the afterlife.

Afterwards, Zhang became an international smuggler, specializing in using caskets, sometimes with the bodies still in them, to smuggle contraband between countries. He assisted the Cabal with a number of criminal acts, including a 2011 festival bombing in Taiwan and an 2014 attack on a convoy headed for the Chinese embassy of Jakarta.

Season 2[]

Quon Zhang[]

Zhang is revealed to have smuggled the Russian assassin Karakurt into the United States.

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