Raleigh Sinclair III is a member of The Blacklist.

Background[edit | edit source]

Raleigh Sinclair III was an obsessive-compulsive man that created perfect alibis for people who wanted to personally murder their victims, but needed a alibi that would allow them to avoid conviction. Sinclair hired doubles to pose as the client, trained the doubles and the client in a routine that would be used to establish a pattern of memory for the witnesses and then crafted masks to make the doubles look just like his clients so they could take their place and execute the planned routine during the time of the crime. Sinclair maintained extremely strict standards to ensure that the alibi was not compromised by an overlooked detail and after the murder had been commited, Sinclair would kill the double and bury his body to cover his tracks. In total, Sinclair provided perfect alibis for 51 murders, including the deaths of a heir to a real estate empire and a Lebanese diplomat.

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