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Ranko Sinesia Zamani is a terrorist and a member of The Blacklist.


He was a Serbian national educated in the United States. He worked as a terrorist responsible for several atrocities. Reddington credits him with an attack on the U.S. embassy in Damascus in 1986, the abduction of six foreign nationals from the French embassy in Algiers in 1997 and a 2002 break-in at the Krung Thai Bank in Bangkok. In 2007, he faked his own death.

Season 1[]


Almost immediately after turning himself in to the FBI, Raymond Reddington revealed that Zamani was alive. He named him as the prospective abductor of Beth Ryker. When the FBI stated that Zamani was dead, Red revealed his flight number at Dulles Airport.

After the successful abduction of Beth Ryker, he went to the house of Tom and Liz Keen, where he tortured Tom Keen for information prior to the arrival of Elizabeth Keen. When Liz arrived he questioned her about what she knew of his plans, and what Red had told her. In order to encourage her to answer truthfully he stabbed Tom in the leg. He thanked Liz for arresting The Chemist, since that meant that he would not have to pay him, then stabbed Tom in the stomach telling Liz that she could save lots of people or only one person. While Liz was tending to her husband he escaped.

Liz and the FBI, with some hints from Red, realized that he was dying and that he wanted revenge for the death of his family during the Yugoslav Wars.

After his escape from the hospital, Red met with Ranko and Ranko told Red that he had done what Red requested with regard to Tom Keen.

He was cornered on the roof of the Newseum by Agent Donald Ressler, and took a pill bottle from his pocket, causing Ressler to shoot him. He fell from the roof and was killed.


  • Zamani has a Blacklist number, however it was revealed in callback material released by NBC.


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