Rebecca Thrall is a member of The Blacklist.


Thrall was a contract assassin that worked for Waterday Financial, a financial firm that was running an insurance fraud scheme. Thrall hired police officers to murder her targets for her, so Waterday Financial could collect on the insurance policies. The officers would plant evidence to make the murders look like justified police shootings. Thrall would then pay the police officers with loans that were never repaid. The victims were chosen based on mental illness problems that would allow the officers to claim self-defense and made it easier for Thrall to make the murders look like mercy killings to the police she hired.

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  • Rebecca Thrall and Milton Bobbit used a variation of the same scheme.
    • Milton Bobbit
      • Used the terminally ill as the assassin.
      • Paid the family an insurance policy.
      • The mental illness explains the reason for the suicide and murder.
      • The case is closed as the assassin is dead.
      • The contractor uses company policy to evade detection.
    • Rebecca Thrall
      • Targeted the terminally ill so the corporation could collect on the corporate-owned life insurance.
      • Paid the police officer in a loan that is not repaid.
      • The mental illness explains the reason for the justified police shooting.
      • The case is closed as the assassin can use the law to their advantage.
      • The contractor secretly undermines the accuser and protects the assassin.
  • A thrall was a slave and/or serf during the Viking Age.


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