Reven Wright was a a character in NBC's The Blacklist


She appears as Diane Fowler's replacement.

Season 2Edit

"Lord Baltimore"Edit

She demands to know why Raymond Reddington has not learned anything about Milos Kirchoff despite spending 12,000,000 dollars. She is further annoyed when Walter Gary Martin tells her that Red will only talk to Elizabeth Keen.

"Monarch Douglas Bank"Edit

She tells Harold Cooper to whitewash the official FBI report concerning the slush fund.

"The Decembrist"Edit

She refuses to aid Cooper in the hunt for Milos Kirchoff. She stated that Kiryl Morozov was too powerful to question.

"Ruslan Denisov"Edit

"The Kenyon Family"Edit

She refuses to aid Cooper in searching the Kenyon compound due to the disasters at Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege.

"T. Earl King VI"Edit

"The Major"Edit

"Tom Keen"Edit

"Leonard Caul"Edit

"Tom Connolly"Edit

Season 3Edit

"The Troll Farmer"Edit

Reven tells Ressler that her position is shaky.

"Marvin Gerard"Edit

"Arioch Cain"Edit

She orders Ressler to work with Peter Kotsiopulos after Laurel Hitchin’s presidential commission.

"Kings of the Highway"Edit

Reven is killed by Laurel Hitchin after Reven inquires into Laurel's assignment in Africa.

Season 4Edit

"Mr. Kaplan"Edit

Reven's body is found.

"Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion"Edit

Reven's body is discovered in a barrel preserved with formaldehyde and is later taken for a autopsy. Donald Ressler uses the bullet as blackmail evidence against Laurel Hitchin.

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