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Robert Vesco” is the thirteenth episode of Season 6 of The Blacklist and the hundred and twenty-fourth episode overall.


Press Release[]

Red and the Task Force hunt for legendary fugitive Robert Vesco, one of history's most notorious conmen. Meanwhile, Samar makes a life changing decision.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 9

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. The storyline was inspired by the rumors that Robert Vesco faked his death.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. What started Red’s obsession with treasure hunts, as seen in “Abraham Stern”?
  3. Robert Vesco
    1. Why was the gold not found after the fire that destroyed the Old French Opera House?
    2. When did Vesco decide to steal the De La Cruz gold for himself?
    3. How intense will be the FBI hunt for Vesco?
    4. Will Red hunt Vesco?
    5. How will Vesco sell and/or transport the gold on the black market?
  4. Elizabeth Keen
    1. How did Keen identify Red in police car?
  5. Donald Ressler
    1. Why did Ressler want to take action in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada? He should know the need for restraint in stakeouts.

Slanders on the FBI[]


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Luis Carlos de La Lombana as Fabricio
  • Tamara Fay as Vivian
  • Will Cobbs as Fireman
  • Kim Sullivan as Guest #1 / Nolan
  • Linda Glick as Guest #2
  • Paige Barr as Impatient Customer
  • Alison Cimmet as Librarian
  • Geoff Schuppert as Medical Examiner
  • Ryan J. McCarthy as Officer
  • Grant Lancaster as Bartender
  • Richard Armstead as Stagehand
  • Jonathan Holtzman as Chuck
  • Genson Blimline as Morgan
  • Joshua Benaim as Figaro
  • Kristen Choi as Rosina


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